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The Section Vitality Dashboard provides Section, and other organizational unit leaders, a monitoring tool that provides real-time, top-down status view of their section vitality metrics.

To view the tools below, you must have prior access to that tool. All Dashboard links require you to have SAMIEEE access. Use your IEEE member username and password to enter.


Check out the upgrades to the Vitality Dashboard

Open directly to a new Homepage: 
Here you view a table of contents listing all reports available on each tab.   Browse through the list then pick the tab you need.

The “Active Society Membership Count by Section, by Grade” report:
The Count of Members Totals are now clickable.  Click on a total to view the contact list of those members.

Check out the new “Vitality Checklist” tab:
This gives sections a list of actions/activities to carry out during the year to keep on the path to become a vital and successful section.


Section Vitality Dashboard

Section Vitality Dashboard


  • IEEE Conferences Dashboard (new)
  • Active IEEE members and students
  • Society and special interest memberships (WIE, CN, SA, YP)
  • Current officer and officer history
  • Member recruitment and retention
  • Member loyalty years
  • IEEE Life members
  • Meeting activity

Note: When viewing the dashboard, use only one of the currently supported browsers: Chrome 31+; Firefox 13+; Firefox 6+; Firefox 3.5+; Internet Explorer 9.x; Safari 2.x; Safari4.x.


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Other key URLs


  • Voting
  • Online Officer Reporting
  • Meetings and L31
  • WebInABox
  • Surveys
  • Review Room



Web Conferencing

IEEE Online Rosters




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