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IEEE uses many acronyms.  This page provides some of the commonly used acronyms and their meanings.



A&A - Admission and Advancement

Ad Com - Advisory Committee  

ARC - Awards and Recognition Committee

BoD - Board of Directors  

CEU - Continuing Education Units  

EAB - Educational Activities Board  

ECSC - Electronic Communications Steering Committee  

ExCom - Executive Committee

FAP - Financial Advantage Program

GOLD - Graduates Of the Last Decade

IBSC - Individual Benefits and Services Committee

IEEE-USA - IEEE-United States of America

IEEE-SA - IEEE-Standards Association

IEL - IEEE/IEE Electronic Library

IRC - Industry Relations Committee  

ISTO - Industry Standards and Technology Organization

LMC - Life Members Committee

EMC - Ethics and Member Conduct

MDC - Membership Development Committee

MDL - Member Digital Library

MGA - Member and Geographic Activities

N&A - Nominations and Appointments Committee

OpCom - Operating Committee

OpsMan - Operations Manual

3-Ps - The three IEEE Presidents

P&P - Policies and Procedures Manual

PACE - Professional Activities Committee for Engineers (IEEE-USA)

PRG - Program Resources Guide

PSPB - Publication Services and Products Board

RCC - Regional Conferences Committee

REP - Recognized Educational Program

RE-SEED - Retirees Enhancing Science through Experiments and Demonstrations

R-SAC - Region Student Activities Committee

RSR - Region Student Representative

SAC - Student Activities Committee

SAMIEEE - Section Access to Membership Information

SCS - Section/Chapter Support

S-PAC - Student-Professional Awareness Committee

SPC - Strategic Planning Committee

TAB - Technical Activities Board

TAG - Technical Activities Guide

WIE - Women in Engineering

YP - Young Professionals

501(c)(3) - IEEE Tax Exempt status of the US Internal Revenue Code


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