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The IEEE Digital Innovations Team provides guidelines, resources, and tools for use by the IEEE digital publishing community.

Please note: Access to some documents on this page is limited to IEEE members, volunteers, and employees and requires an IEEE Account.



  • Introduction to Digital Usability and Accessibility: An overview of usability, user-centric design, and accessibility as well as related resources.
  • IEEE Personas (PDF, 145 KB): The six IEEE personas represent the different key user types of IEEE. They are differentiated primarily by each persona's key goals and desires for using and/or any digital sites within the IEEE Digital Presence.
  • IEEE Employee Training: The IEEE Digital Innovations Team provides various training sessions for content providers.
  • Forum: The Forum provides a venue for the content providers of IEEE digital sites to stay informed and connected.
  • Introduction to Digital Analytics: Digital analytics help track visitor site activity and provide data for improving digital usability.
  • Service Manager (IEEE employee sign-in required): This application can be used by employees to log a problem or request with the IEEE Information Technology (IT) Department Help Desk.


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The following guidelines were created for digital publishers both as a resource and to unify diverse communications in order to represent IEEE as a focused, forward-looking, dynamic organization.

  • IEEE Digital Presence Style Guide: This online resource outlines guidelines for IEEE Webmasters and partners creating or updating digital sites within the IEEE Digital Presence.
  • Style Guide: This guide defines the standards and conventions to be used when developing content for the IEEE Main Site (
  • QA Guidelines (PDF, 156 KB): An overview of the QA process and what determines a release and/or required revisions for Main Site content.
  • Content Contributor Checklist (PDF, 180 KB): A tool for content contributors to review their own content before submitting a page for the Digital Innovations Team's review.
  • IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines Quick Reference (PDF, 1.74 MB): A summary of the corresponding IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines. This guide are intended to be used in conjunction with, not in place of the full document.
  • Brand Identity Toolkit: Explains the basic usage rules for all corporate identity elements and how to utilize them to create powerful and consistent communications pieces, while at the same time strengthening the IEEE brand.
  • User-Centered Design (UCD) Roadmap (PDF, 154 KB): A high-level roadmap for a user-centered design approach to digital site design and development.
  • Browser Strategy & Guidelines: This online resource provides direction for IEEE Digital Presence sites related to establishing, maintaining, and adhering to site browser policies.
  • Domain Naming Guidelines: This online resource provides guidelines for domain naming processes for IEEE Digital Presence sites.
  • Accessibility Roadmap: This online resource offers 12 steps that IEEE digital managers and teams can follow to improve the accessibility compliance of their sites.
  • Usability Testing Guidelines: This section contains guidelines/information related to usability testing for digital teams conducting/managing usability testing projects.
  • Responsive Digital Design Guidelines (sign in using domain username and password): This section contains guidelines and techniques related to responsive Web design for site managers and site developers.
  • Digital Project Workflow, SLA, and Processes (PDF, 137 KB): This document comprises a high-level view of the steps involved in IEEE digital projects, the Digital Innovations Team's service level agreements, and the recommended process for completing a digital project.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices: SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a digital site from search engines via search results. This document outlines the process to implement effective SEO for IEEE digital sites.

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Tools and templates

Following are several tools available to the digital publishing community at IEEE. Some tools are provided to IEEE employees only and others are available for use by the wider digital publishing community.

  • Broken Link Checker: An online tool that identifies broken links for a given URL.
    - Access link checker tool (works best in Chrome)
  • Icon Library: An icon is a small picture or symbol intended to help people quickly recognize a tool, site, function or file format. Icons should be consistent in their behavior, positioning, and design and should reinforce commonly used metaphors.
    - Download the IEEE icon library (ZIP, 246 MB) ZIP file contains 32 x 32 pixels icons in GIF and PNG formats, usage guidelines, and best practices
  • Online Image Resizer: A digital site utility that quickly resizes digital images for digital publishing.
    - Access
    - Download instructions for the DrPic Tool (PDF, 157 KB)
  • IEEE Portal URL Converter: This tool will shorten IEEE URLs by removing unnecessary portions of the URL. 
    - Access the IEEE Portal URL converter
  • Digital Analytics: Digital analytics applications provide statistics for visitor traffic and activity within a digital site and process it into useful reports. Webtrends On Demand is the IEEE Enterprise Platform for digital analytics.
    - Access Webtrends On Demand (access granted to IEEE employees after training)
  • Digital Library: The Digital Innovations Team has an extensive library composed of books for use by IEEE employees on topics from digital usability, to design, architecture, and much more.
    - Browse titles 
  • Redirects: Available for creating redirects within the "" domain resulting in a shortened URL for IEEE sites.
    -Available to IEEE employees, members, and volunteers maintaining digital content for Regions, Sections, Councils, Societies, Chapters, and Student Branches.
    - IEEE Redirects services
  • The IEEE Digital Sub-sites Template System: Designed for use by IEEE volunteers and employees; contains starter information architecture documents (sitemaps) as well as a collection of HTML pages and related files and WordPress themes for each of seven common site types.

Please note: The IEEE Programs template is only available in HTML. 

ieee society template ieee conference template ieee program template ieee student branch template ieee regions, sections, chapters templates
Societies Conferences
(single sponsor and



Regions, Sections
and Chapters

There are seven pages for each site type including a home page, landing pages, article pages, and a sitemap. IEEE groups can differentiate pages through the customization options detailed within the guidelines document linked below. Implementation and maintenance of the templates requires some level of technical ability and support infrastructure, whether internal or from a partner firm.

» Download template usage guidelines, sitemaps, and instructions (PDF, 8.5 MB)
» Download the quick reference guide (PDF, 120 KB)
» Preview/download sub-site templates (sign in required | request access)
» E-mail the IEEE Entity Web Hosting (EWH) Webmaster to request access to WordPress themes


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