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Choose a section on this page to learn more about how the IEEE Web Requirements and Style Guides came into existence as well as the processes that are in place and the revisions that have been made to ensure that it remains current.



The IEEE Web presence is the organization’s primary public interface, accessible to virtually anyone at any time. Many IEEE audiences form their first, and often only, impression of IEEE through online experiences. Consequently the IEEE Web presence has significant impact on the reputation of the organization.

Guidelines help bring the IEEE Web presence into better alignment while ensuring quality content and user-centered design (UCD). UCD focuses on users throughout the planning, design, and development stages of a project - allowing Web publishers to foresee how users are likely to respond to a given interface through usability research and evaluation.

Well-aligned, high-quality Web content will not only improve users' experiences and perceptions of IEEE, it will also increase their interest in IEEE activities, groups, and products and services.

This document serves to clarify expectations of IEEE Web managers related to Web projects and processes and to consolidate and source several pre-existing requirements within a single location.

Valuable IEEE human and financial resources can be conserved by leveraging the infrastructure and reusable resources outlined in this document as well as by preventing rework as a result of misunderstood requirements.

IEEE  guidelines also aim to support the IEEE 5-Year Aspiration as well as the following IEEE goals.

  • Establishing IEEE as a major resource for industry professionals and their employers to achieve success
  • Positioning IEEE as a model global organization.

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IEEE Web requirements and guidelines are continually being reevaluated and updated as appropriate with consideration of the following:

  • input from trusted industry experts/consultants
  • Web analytics and user research findings
  • organizational or industry trends and best practices
  • resources available to IEEE employees and publishers
  • related IEEE guidelines or policies
  • feedback from the IEEE Web community

As of October 2012, a log of updates is maintained on this page to enable publishers to quickly identify and review changes.

Questions and requests for exceptions should be submitted through the Web Strategy and Design team contact form.


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Revision history

15 October 2012

Initial publication of "IEEE Web Site Requirements and Style Guide" (combining previously published IEEE Web Presence Policy for Staff with the IEEE Style Guides).


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