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2011 International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials (ICAE)

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society

1. Nanostructured Materials for Sensor Applications (SE) 2. Advanced Materials for Energy Conversion: fuel cell and solar cell (EC) 3. Energy Storage Materials (ES) 4. Nanostructured Materials for Energy Devices (ED) 5. Emerging Nano-based Device Technologies (ND) 6. Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric Materials and Device Applications (FM) 7. Superconducting and Magnetic Materials and Devices (SM) 8. Thin Film Processing and Devices (TF) 9. Advanced Insulating Materials and Condition Monitoring Diagnosis for HV Power Apparatus (HV) 10. LED & OLED Lighting Technology (LT) 11. Nanoscale Interface Devices and Materials for Organic Electronics (OE) 12. Flexible and Printable Electronic Materials and Devices (FE) 13. Advanced Technology for LEDs (LE) 14. Thermal Management Materials, Devices, Processing Technologies and Packages (TM)


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07 Nov - 10 Nov 2011



Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel
Jeju, Korea (South)


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Min Jung Kim
Rm 807, The Korea Science & Technology Center, 22, 7gil, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu
Seoul Korea (South) 135-703
+82 10 9156 357
+82 2 3412 8723 (fax)


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 17 Jun 2011

Final submission deadline: 07 Nov 2011

Notification of acceptance date: 29 Jul 2011




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