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2013 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS)

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

SAS 2013 provides a forum for sensor users and developers to exchange information about novel and emergent applications in smart sensors, homeland security, biology, system health management, and related areas. Suggested topics for SAS 2013 include: Biosensors /Arrays, MEMS and Nanosensors, Sensor Networking, Smart Sensors and Standards, Virtual Sensors, Integrated System Health Management (ISHM), Multisensor Data Fusion, Nondestructive Evaluation and Remote Sensing, Homeland security, and Commercial Development.


Conference Details


19 Feb - 21 Feb 2013



The San Luis Resort
Galveston, TX, USA


Web site



Lauren Pasquarelli
214 W. University Avenue
Suite E
Gainesville FL USA 32601
+1 352 872 5544
+1 352 872 5545 (fax)


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 01 Oct 2012

Final submission deadline: 23 Dec 2012

Notification of acceptance date: 12 Nov 2012