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2013 "Suzhou-Silicon Valley-Beijing" International Innovation Conference (SIIC)

Other sponsors:

  • Center for Enterprise Innovation and Development - Soochow University
  • China Institute for Science and Technology Policy - Tsinghua University
  • Lucas Graduate School of Business - San Jose State University
  • School of Information - UC Berkeley

The 2013 "Suzhou-Silicon Valley-Beijing" conference promotes the importance of Technological Innovation as an important driving force for economic growth and wealth creation. This international conference seeks to improve communications among the world's scholars with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, consultants, policy makers and entrepreneurs. The findings from the discussions will bring forth new directions and enrich understanding of the impact of diasporas, primarily in the field of technological innovation.


Conference Details


08 Jul - 09 Jul 2013



Soochow University
50 Donghuan Rd
Suzhou, China


Web site



Jielin Dong
Soochow University
50 Donghuan rd.
Suzhou, Jiangsu China 215021
+86 512 6716 6109
+86 512 6716 6110 (fax)


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 20 Feb 2013

Final submission deadline: 30 May 2013

Notification of acceptance date: 15 Apr 2013




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