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2013 13th UK Workshop on Computational Intelligence (UKCI)

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

Other sponsors:

  • University of Surrey

UKCI2013 covers all areas of computational intelligence and nature-inspired computing, including neural networks, computational and cognitive neuroscience, learning systems, machine learning; fuzzy logic, fuzzy systems, type-2 fuzzy systems, approximate reasoning; evolutionary computing, evolutionary algorithms, differential evolution, swarm intelligence, ant colony optimisation, artificial immune systems, memetic computing; multi-agent systems, games, data mining, web intelligence, intelligent control, intelligent signal processing, morphogenetic self-organisation and evolutionary developmental robotics. Applications of computational intelligence techniques to bioinformatics and computational biology, brain-machine interface, digital eco-systems, healthcare and medical engineering, multi-media security and cyber security, robotics, design and manufacturing, energy and environment are particularly welcome.


Conference Details


09 Sep - 11 Sep 2013



University of Surrey
Management School
Guildford, United Kingdom


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Yaochu Jin
Department of Computing
University of Surrey
Guildford United Kingdom GU27XH


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 17 Mar 2013

Final submission deadline: 02 Aug 2013

Notification of acceptance date: 08 Jul 2013