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2017 Magnetic Frontiers: Topological Insulators

IEEE sponsors:

  • IEEE Magnetics Society

Other sponsors:

  • University of Loraine

Magnetic Frontiers is the premier topical conference on emerging aspects of fundamental and applied magnetism. The forum provides a range of plenary and invited talks delivered by key researchers in the field as well as oral and poster presentations. As there will be a small number of participants (about 80 people), the conference provides a unique environment for researchers to communicate and discuss the latest developments in magnetism with the leading scientists. The first conference in the series is related to the emerging topic of Topological Insulators –unique electronic materials that additionally to a bulk band gap like in an ordinary insulator have protected conducting states on their edge or surface that are possible due to the combination of spin-orbit interactions and time-reversal symmetry.


Conference Details


18 Sep - 21 Sep 2017



UFR Faculté de Droit, Sciences Economiques et Gestion
13 Place Carnot
Nancy, Lorraine, France


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Stephane Mangin
University of Lorraine
Nancy France


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Call for Papers for Conference Authors

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Abstract submission deadline: 15 Jun 2017

Full Paper Submission deadline: 01 Sep 2017

Final submission deadline: 31 Oct 2017

Notification of acceptance date: 30 Sep 2017




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