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What: Templates of contracts for meeting-management companies and hotels
Who: Finance Chair, Treasurer
When: Begin at least 12 to 36 months before the conference
How: Word documents


About these forms

You must send all contracts to IEEE Conference Contracts. IEEE reviews and executes all contracts with a value of US$25,000 or greater and will review contracts with a value of less than US$25,000 upon request.

Each conference negotiates the "Terms of Sale" (such as the number of sleeping room nights, room rate, meeting space, etc.) with the hotel. You may want to contact the IEEE National/Global Account Representative to help you negotiate your contract and make sure it is honored locally. Review the list of concessions (DOC, 28 KB) for items that can be negotiated as part of the contract.

IEEE provides templates with standard legal clauses for:

  • Meeting-management agreement
  • Generic hotel contract
  • Specific hotel contracts

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Contract templates

 Where to find it About this form
Meeting-Management Template (DOC, 93 KB)Template for an agreement with a meeting-management company
Sample Hotel Contract/Template (DOC, 166 KB)Template for an agreement with a hotel
Starwood/IEEE Standard Hotel Contract (DOC, 180 KB)
Contact: Dean D'Anna (dean.d'
Template for an agreement with Sheraton, Westin, and W Hotels
Hyatt/IEEE Standard Template (DOC, 157 KB)
Contact: Michelle Kushner (
Template for an agreement with Hyatt Hotels
Hilton/IEEE Standard Template (DOC, 158 KB)
Contact: Rocco LaForgia (
Template for an agreement with Hilton Hotels
Disney/IEEE Standard Template for Florida, USA properties only (DOC, 275 KB)
Contact: Diana Voto (
Template for an agreement with Disney Florida USA properties
Fairmont/IEEE Standard Template (DOC, 137 KB)
Contact: Elizabeth Copti (
Template for an agreement with Fairmont Hotels
Marriott/IEEE Standard Template (DOC, 156 KB)
Contact: Donna Kelley (
Template for an agreement with Marriott Hotels
Wyndham/IEEE Standard Template (DOC, 180 KB)
Contact: Michelle Ilowite (
Template for an agreement with Wyndham Hotels



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Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about conference meeting and hotel contracts, please contact Conference Contracts.

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please see IEEE Conference Organizer Contacts.

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