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Conference audits provide IEEE with an independent evaluation of conference finances. The audit ensures that conference income and expenses are monitored, and that the financial reports issued at the end of the conference are fair.


Choose an audit type

The selection of an auditor depends on the IEEE financial responsibility and income of the conference.

IEEE Financial ResponsibilityActual or Budgeted Income or ExpenseAudit Type
Greater than 50%Greater than US$250,000The conference must schedule an audit by a qualified independent auditor or by IEEE Internal Audit.
Greater than 50%Less than US$250,000IEEE Internal Audit may schedule an audit. If not selected for an audit, the conference should arrange for an audit by an independent auditor or internal committee.
Less than 50%Less than US$250,000IEEE recommends that the conference schedule an audit by IEEE Internal Audit, an independent auditor, or an internal committee.



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Perform the audit

1. If IEEE is performing the audit:

2. If an independent auditor is performing the audit:

  • Notify IEEE Conference Business Operations and submit the Independent Auditor Memorandum of Agreement (DOC, 40 KB) for approval prior to having the audit conducted by an external auditor.
  • Send all audit reports received from the independent auditor to IEEE Conference Business Operation to review and approve.

3. If an internal committee is performing the audit:

  • Notify IEEE Conference Business Operations and follow the IEEE guidelines for auditing conferences.
  • Send all audit reports received from the internal committee to IEEE Conference Business Operation to review and approve.

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Audit fees

When planning your conference budget, be sure to include an estimate for audit fees. The estimated budget fees for an audit by IEEE are:

Total Budgeted Revenue or Expense Fee (Before Loans) Audit Fee Audit Scope
US$0–$99,999 None A representative sampling of 10% of the conference financial data
US$100,000 & up 0.6% of budgeted revenue or expense, up to US$6,000 100% of the conference financial data



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Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have any questions about conference audits, please refer to the IEEE Internal Audit website.

Do you have other questions about organizing a conference? Please see IEEE Conference Organizer Contacts.

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