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How do I publish conference papers?

The Publication Chair coordinates with the Technical Program committee to prepare conference publications. They work closely to provide authors with instructions for publishing conference papers and submitting final papers to IEEE Xplore.

Conferences can create the following publications:

  • advance and final program;
  • proceedings for on-site distribution;
  • digest of abstracts of presented paper;
  • multi-media files of selected talks;
  • proceedings for IEEE Xplore (if approved by IEEE).

light bulbMCE Conference Education provides eLearning courses that are useful for Publication Chairs and anyone involved in conference publishing.

Topics include Conference Publications Overview, Preparing Your Conference Proceedings and Conference Publication Tools. These courses and more can be found at the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)



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Arrange to publish papers in IEEE Xplore

Required Task for Conference OrganizersThe IEEE Conference Publication Program (CPP) handles the exclusive post-conference distribution of all conference publications for IEEE sponsored and co-sponsored conferences. If your conference is sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE and you plan to publish your conference papers in IEEE Xplore:

  • Complete the Conference Publication Form. This form is your request for approval to submit your conference papers to the CPP and IEEE Xplore. Submit the form at least six months before the conference.
  • Read and approve the Letter of Acquisition (LoA), which is sent to you after the Conference Publications Form is received and approved by IEEE Conference Operations.

You may want to hire a publications service company. They can help you prepare conference papers that meet IEEE guidelines for posting to IEEE Xplore.


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Develop the advance program and final program

Required Task for Conference OrganizersWork with the technical program committee to develop the Conference Program after the sessions are set for the conference. The conference program provides information about the conference, the conference schedule, and descriptions of the conference sessions and other activities.


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Prepare conference content for conference attendees

Required Task for Conference OrganizersThe proceedings include the technical papers presented at the conference. It should also include cover art, table of contents, copyright page, author index, messages from the conference chairs, lists of sponsors, and other information.


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Prepare conference papers for IEEE Xplore

Required Task for Conference OrganizersIf you plan to submit papers to IEEE Xplore, you must work with authors to deliver IEEE Xplore-compliant papers to the CPP.

  • Provide authors with the tools and instructions they need to create IEEE Xplore-compliant papers.
  • Review the submitted PDF files for compliance.
  • Ensure all papers have been screened for possible plagiarism using CrossCheck.
  • Create the packing list using the IEEE Packing List Generator tool.
  • If using the Non-Presented Paper Policy, flag any non-presented papers on the Packing List tool. Include these papers in your submission to IEEE.
  • Deliver the IEEE Xplore-compliant files and packing list to IEEE.

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Transfer copyright to IEEE

Required Task for Conference OrganizersConfirm that each author signed and submitted the copyright form for each paper to be published in an IEEE copyrighted conference.

Authors must transfer the copyright of their individual papers to IEEE, if IEEE is the copyright holder of the proceedings. The transfer is made prior to publication so that IEEE has clearance to publish the paper. The authors, not IEEE, are responsible for determining whether disclosure of their material requires the prior consent of other parties and, if so, to obtain it.

It is recommended that you have your authors use the electronic IEEE Copyright form (eCf). In preparation for this, the Technical Program Chair must first register with IEEE to provide access to the form for your authors. The form is also available in PDF, DOC, and HTML formats.        

light bulbIf another organization holds the copyright, IEEE will request permission from the copyright holder to publish the content in IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The copyright holder is a required field on the IEEE publication form.



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Communicate IEEE guidelines

Required Task for Conference Organizers Each conference is responsible for communicating IEEE policies in the call for papers, Web site, and other conference communications.

  • Do not claim or guarantee that any papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. IEEE can decline to publish the conference proceedings that do not meet IEEE's quality standards.
  • Do not claim or guarantee that any papers will be indexed in any database. Indexing services evaluate conferences and independently determine what they will index.
  • Each conference determines their policy for papers that are accepted, but which are not presented at the conference. If you decide that non-presented papers will not be published to IEEE Xplore, then you must clearly communicate this to authors prior to the conference.
  • Follow US regulations and policies for publications by authors in embargoed countries or which contain military or defense related subject matter. These policies apply to all IEEE sponsored and co-sponsored conferences, even when held outside the US with no US participants. 

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Index entries

The Conference Publication Chair does not have to prepare index entries, as the CPP provides these for individual papers if the conference publication is approved and the papers are submitted to IEEE Xplore.

IEEE partners with independent indexing services. These services evaluate each conference to decide which content will be indexed in their database. The conference should not specifically claim or guarantee indexing in any database. IEEE cannot guarantee that entries from your conference will be included in any particular database.


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Who do you talk to at IEEE?

IEEE is ready to help. If you have questions about publishing conference papers or other questions about organizing a conference, please contact the IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team at

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