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IEEE ToolkitHelpful tools from the IEEE for conference organizers working on financial planning.



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Conference budget planning worksheet 
Optional tool to help organize your conference's financial information
(XLS, 1.4 MB)

Concentration Banking (CB)
IEEE-owned bank account for conference funds

Concentration Banking Destroy Check form
Way of informing Conference Finance Services that checks related to the CB account have been destroyed
(PDF, 23 KB)

Concentration Banking Wire Transfer Request
Instructions and form for CB wire transfers
(PDF, 158 KB)

Merchant Lending Program
Request for services: IEEE Merchant Account Lending Program
Online form

Merchant Lending FAQs
Answers to common questions surrounding the merchant account lending program used for processing credit cards
(DOC, 42 KB)

Keeping credit card information secure
Information on keeping credit card data secure

Fiscal MOU
Required when conference funds are in an account where IEEE does not have access
(DOC, 49 KB)

IEEE Tax Reference Information
Useful information for organizers setting up a third-party bank account

W-8 & W-9 forms
To be completed by organizers when making payment to a taxable party
(PDFs, 97 KB each)

U.S. and international tax information
U.S. and international tax information for IEEE conferences

U.S. sales tax exemption listing
Shows the states where IEEE is exempt from sales tax

VAT and GST tax information
Information about Value Added Tax (VAT) & Goods and Services Tax (GST)

VAT Manual information
Country-specific overviews of VAT requirements and guidelines
Send an e-mail for more information

General Liability Insurance
Request for proof of general liability coverage; may be required by third parties when contracting for services
(DOC, 67 KB)

Cancellation Insurance
Application for optional insurance that provides coverage for additional expenses and lost revenue if the conference is forced to relocate or cancel due to unforeseen circumstances
(PDF, 63 KB)

Conference Audit/Audit Guidelines
Internal audit of conference financials/guidelines for a professional independent auditor to conduct an audit
(DOC, 34 KB)

Audit Material Checklist
Helps organizers know what is needed in order for auditing department to audit a conference
(DOC, 51 KB)

Certificate of Accuracy
Confirms accurate financial data
(XLS, 31 KB)


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