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Conferences & Events

IEEE sponsors more than 1,600 annual conferences and meetings worldwide. IEEE is also highly involved in the technical program development of numerous events including trade events, training workshops, job fairs, and other programs.

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Upcoming conferences

2016 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI)
Vancouver, BC, Canada | 25 July - 29 July 2016

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC 2016
Ottawa, ON, Canada | 25 July - 29 July 2016 

2016 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM)
Boston, MA, USA | 17 July - 21 July 2016

2016 IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC 2016)
Portland, OR, USA | 11 July - 15 July 2016

IGARSS 2016 - 2016 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Beijing, China | 10 July - 15 July 2016

2016 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
Barcelona, Spain | 10 July - 15 July 2016

2016 American Control Conference (ACC)
Boston, MA, USA | 6 July - 8 July 2016


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Running an IEEE conference

If you are interested in organizing an IEEE conference, contact:
MCE Customer Relationship Management:
Phone: +1 855 340 4333, +1 732 562 3878

For event management solutions, contact:
MCE Event Management Services:
Phone: +1 800 810 IEEE (4333); +1 732 465 7810


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Conference publications

IEEE produces cutting-edge conference publications in various technology areas that are recognized by academia and industry worldwide. Articles submitted for publication follow a paper selection process and are peer-reviewed before they are published.


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Calls for papers

IEEE provides the right forum for authors and speakers to present their work at various annual conferences worldwide. IEEE continuously updates its database with opportunities to submit abstracts and papers.


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Local meetings and events

IEEE provides its members and volunteers with networking and interaction opportunities through local meetings and events hosted by the local Sections, Chapters, and other regional governing bodies.


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Join/Renew IEEE or a Society

As a member of IEEE, you'll receive access to select content, product discounts, and more.








MCE Contact Information

IEEE Meetings, Conferences and Events Customer Relationship Management is available to assist you with any questions.

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Meet MCE!

Email with questions or concerns, or call:
Toll-Free: +1 855 340 4333 (US & Canada)
Toll: +1 732 562 3878 (worldwide)

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