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Certified Software Development Professional

The CSDP program is the sole brand name professional credential in software development. The program is intended for mid-level software development and software engineering professionals.


Continuing Education Providers Program

Continuing Education Providers Program, exclusively for IEEE members, offers online degree programs, certifications and courses at up to a 10% discount to members.


IEEE eLearning Library

The IEEE IEEE eLearning Library brings you the best of IEEE educational courses and tutorials in interactive one-hour online modules. is an internet broadcasting network that produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering.


Upgrade Your Membership

Advancing your member grade can bring added peer recognition to your accomplishments. Grade advancement is encouraged because it is required, in most cases, for key volunteer positions at the IEEE.


Future City Competition

A fun and exciting educational engineering program for seventh- and eighth-grade students that combines a stimulating engineering challenge with a "hands-on" application to present their vision of a city of the future.


Career Navigator

Visit IEEE-USA's CareerNavigator for your employment, career development, consulting and entrepreneurial needs. Choose from a wide range of products, publications, online management training and other useful services.


Careers Webinars

IEEE-USA Webinars will assist you in finding your next job, maintaining your career, negotiating an appropriate salary, and understanding ethical considerations in the workplace, among other career building strategies.


Computer Society Build Your Career

The Computer Society's Build Your Career Web site provides technologists with practical, affordable guidance that can immediately benefit their job prospects.


Computer Society e-Learning Campus

The e-Learning campus provides easy access to online learning materials to IEEE Computer Society members. These resources are either included in your membership or offered at a special discount price to members.


Consultants Database

Sponsored by IEEE USA, the Consultants Database matches prospective clients with the world's best electrotechnology and information technology professionals for hire.


Consultants Services

IEEE-USA supports the career interests of self-employed IEEE members in the United States through the Alliance of IEEE Consultants' Networks (AICN).


Employment & Career Strategies Community

The Employment & Career Strategies Forum enables IEEE Members to network and collaborate with one another on employment and career strategies.


Employment Navigator

The IEEE-USA Employment Navigator, a career-development service exclusively for IEEE members, collects millions of job leads from more than 100,000 Web sites and places them in a single searchable database.


Entrepreneurs Village

The IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs Village supports Members who create entrepreneurial businesses based on technology.


Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD)

Advancing your member grade can bring added peer recognition to your accomplishments. Grade advancement is encouraged because it is required, in most cases, for key volunteer positions at the IEEE.


IEEE Career Alert

Career Alert is a weekly email which contains links to news on engineering careers, education, and professional issues.


Salary Service

U.S. IEEE Members can have free access to the latest version of a tool to benchmark their compensation at their current or prospective position.


Join IEEE Professional Communications Society

The IEEE Professional Communications Society fosters a community dedicated to understanding and promoting effective communication in engineering, scientific, and other technical environments. All IEEE Members are eligible to join.


Jobs at IEEE

Look here for a range of opportunities for members and others interested in advancing their careers by working for the IEEE.