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The Committee on Global Accreditation Activities (CGAA) is a standing committee that reports to the Educational Activities Board through the Accreditation Policy Council (APC).


CGAA functions and initiatives

engineering student learning in classroomTo support the development and operation of independent accrediting bodies for engineering, computing, and technology degree programs where none currently exist, the CGAA provides a range of consulting services and technical assistance to interested academic, government, and professional opinion-leaders. 

These include:

  • helping inform key local and regional constituents about the meaning and significance of professional accreditation;
  • assisting in conducting feasibility studies regarding the creation of an engineering education accrediting system;
  • facilitating meetings of academic, business, and/or governmental organizations with a potential shared interest in accreditation;
  • auditing existing accreditation structures and processes;
  • assisting in the design and/or update of existing accreditation standards and procedures;
  • helping develop processes to identify and train volunteers for service on program visit teams and accreditation policy committees;
  • helping develop organizational governance structures.

CGAA governance and meetings


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