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Over 300 IEEE volunteers are currently serving as program evaluators for ABET, Inc. Program evaluators play a vital role on ABET accreditation teams, which visit college campuses and evaluate programs seeking accreditation.

Contact University Programs staff with inquiries


Nominate or apply to become a program evaluator

student engineer working on projectQualified individuals are invited to apply, and nominations of qualified individuals are strongly encouraged. IEEE seeks program evaluator candidates who are:


  • motivated;
  • qualified;
  • supported in this effort by their employers.

Applicants can apply without being nominated. 

Prior to applying, refer to program evaluator qualifications.


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Which accreditation commission is right for you?

The Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET is responsible for academic degree programs that provide graduates with the depth and breadth of theoretical and applied knowledge needed to function as designers. 

The Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET is responsible for academic degree programs in technology engineering, a degree with a more applied focus and less emphasis on theoretical and analytical courses. Persons with experience or knowledge of associate degree programs may be particularly interested in program evaluator service through ETAC.


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What is the program evaluator selection process timeline?

ABET program evaluator applications:

  • must be submitted by the deadline of first Friday of November of the current year;
  • are reviewed during the following January at the IEEE accreditation committee meetings; 
  • are accepted or declined by the following March with appropriate notification.



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