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This page details the procedures to follow and the form to use when an individual serves as a reference for a Standards Education Award nominee.


Reference eligibility

The nominator is responsible for providing a minimum of three and a maximum of five people to serve as references for this award. 

  • At least two references must be IEEE members.
  • Current members of the IEEE EAB, the IEEE EAB Awards and Recognition Committee, the IEEE Standards Board of Governors, or the Standards Awards Committee may not serve as references for the IEEE EAB Standards Education Award.

    ** Please note: An individual may serve as a nominator or reference for only one nomination per award category. **

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Preparation of reference form

The IEEE EAB Awards and Recognition Committee relies heavily on your statements. Statements of reference should cite specific evidence of the uniqueness and impact of the contributions of the candidate. Nonspecific comments without accompanying detailed justification are not of value to the IEEE EAB Awards and Recognition Committee.

Comments about the relative contributions of any work attributed to more than just the nominee (i.e., if you are a co-author of a listed activity) are extremely valuable. All statements of reference must be submitted using the Reference Form found in the EAB Awards Portal.

The data on the Nomination Form should not be repeated word for word on the Reference Form. Such appropriation of another's words puts in question the reference's judgment of the candidate’s accomplishments, and, to that extent, diminishes the judges' confidence in the reference and reduces its contribution to the candidate's ranking.

Please complete the form in the EAB Awards Portal.


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