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IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Outstanding Young Professional Award

Payman Dehghanian "for research on reliability-centered maintenance to improve cost effectiveness in the electric power industry"


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IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Teacher Award

Preethika Kumar "for dedication to fostering student success through the development of state-of-the-art courses, creation of stimulating classroom environments, and personal attention to every student"


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IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) Eminent Member Recognition

Asad M. Madni "for technical attainments and contributions to society through outstanding leadership in the profession of Electrical and Computer Engineering"


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Meritorious Achievement Award in Accreditation Activities

David Soldan "for development of curriculum guidelines for undergraduate degree programs in computer engineering and leadership of the Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities (CEAA)"


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Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education

Mini Shaji Thomas "for design and development of curriculum and laboratory facilities for professionals and students in the electric utility industry"


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Meritorious Achievement Award in Informal Education

Dru Reynolds "for inspiring high school students through large-scale wireless robotics competitions"


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Pre-University Educator Award

Christine Cunningham "for increasing understanding of science and engineering, and developing interest in engineering careers through the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) program"


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Pre-University Educator Award

Vanessa Orlinoff Ford "for developing the Think Tank program to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists"


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EA/SA Standards Education Award

Eldad Perahia "for contributions to professional standards education on IEEE Standard 802.11 through books, training and tutorials"


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EAB Vice President's Recognition Award

Solomon W. Golomb "for pioneering contributions to the development of digital communications and information theory, embodying unique and novel applications of techniques from discrete mathematics"


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IEEE EAB 2014 Awards Ceremony

View the 2014 EAB Awards Ceremony honoring 2014 IEEE EAB and IEEE-HKN award recipients.

 2014 IEEE EAB and IEEE-HKN Award Recipients