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Find upcoming tutorial offerings from IEEE eLearning Library.  


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Advanced course on biometrics for security (long range/surveillance)
by Terry Boult and Walter Scheirer

Advanced course on biometrics for security (upclose)
by Terry Boult and Walter Scheirer

Advanced Thermal Management Materials for Electronic and Optoelectronic Applications Parts 1 & 2
by Carl Zweben

Analog Digital Converter Design Parts 1 & 2
by David Robertson

Antennas and Propagation for UHF RFID
by Robert Sainati

A-T of IEEE 802.11 Wirless LAN Protocols: An In-Depth Look at the Current Standard and Upcoming Future Amendments
by Amjad Soomro

Basics of Electrical Insulation – Gases, Liquids and Solids (3 tutorials)
by Shesha Jayaram

Basics of High Frequency Noise
by Luciano Boglione

Basics of Microwave Filter Design: Filters for Advanced Applications
by Daniel G. Swanson

Biomedical Optical Diagnostics and Sensing
by Thomas Huser 

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bioMEMS/biosensors and point-of-care diagnostics
by Justin Williams

Biometrics Privacy and Social Acceptance
by Terry Boult and Walter Scheirer

Broadband Fiber Access
by David Gutierrez

Customizable and Downloadable Graphic Templates (PC and Mac) for Process Modeling Green Engineering Systems
by Paul Ranky

Data Dictionary and Process Description Methods & Examples
by Paul Ranky

Essentials of Enterprise Continuity
by Matthew Liotine

Evolution of Mobile Communications in China: 3G and TD-LTE
by Henry Ye

Face: technologies and algorithms for biometrics applications Parts 1 & 2
by Massimo Tistarelli

Fundamentals of Patent Protection for Engineers
by Matthew Ma

How to be a Prolific Inventor
By Matthew Ma 

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Indoor Geolocation Systems--Theory and Applications
by Ilir Progri

Integrated circuits for cryptography and security
by Ingrid Verbauwhede

Internet Infrastructure Security
by Manimaran Govindarasu

Introduction to Occupational Electrical Safety
by H. Landis Floyd II

Introduction to Sustainable Green Engineering System Analysis & Design
by Paul Ranky

IP Header Compression Enabling High Quality Consumer-Oriented Communications
by Frank Fitzek

Low Power Logic and Mixed-Signal Technologies
by Thomas Skotnicki

Millimeter-Wave CMOS Circuits and Transceivers Parts 1 & 2
by Behzad Razavi

Multigigabit Wireless: CMOS & FR-4 at 60 GHZ
by Joy Laskar

Nanophotonics: Physics and Techniques
by Axel Scherer 

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Next Generation Cellular Networks: Features and Algorithms
by Harish Viswanathan 

Next Generation Cellular Networks: Novel Features and Algorithms
by Harish Viswanathan

Palm print and hand geometry: technologies and algorithms for biometrics applications
by David Zhang

Picture quality and power deduction for mobile display systems
by Pierre de Greef

Power Electronic Basics for Renewables, End-Use Efficiency and Smart Grid
by Ned Mohan

Process Modeling Use Cases and More Green Engineering Challenges & Solutions
by Paul Ranky

Rethinking the Design of Presentation Slides
by Michael Alley

Routing Protocols in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN)
by Zhensheng Zhang

Smart Antennas for Wireless Systems
by Jack Winters

Sustainable Green Engineering Modeling Methods, Notations & Examples
by Paul Ranky

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Ted Maiman: "Inventor of the Laser"
by Larry Johnson

Test and Measurement of High-Speed Communications Signals
by Greg Le Cheminant

The Development of RF Spectrum Signal Processing for Cognitive Radio
by Kyutae Lim

The physical layer of the optical networks: Devices and subsystems
by Djafar Mynbaev

Tracing Cyber Attacks
by Nirwan Ansari

UWB signals and systems in Communication Engineering
by Mohammad Ghavami

WCET Area 1: RF Engineering, Propagation and Antennas
by Hung Nguyen

Wireless Cooperative Communication Networks
by Mischa Dohler 


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