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IEEE Educational Activities needs experienced subject matter experts to participate in the IEEE eLearning Library as authors.


Why develop an IEEE eLearning Library tutorial?

  • Knowledge:  Facilitate the availability of highly valued IEEE educational materials to IEEE Members and the worldwide engineering community.
  • Opportunities:  Create new opportunities to share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Visibility:  Get a peer-reviewed IEEE publication that supports cross-referencing with other relevant IEEE materials, increasing awareness of your other IEEE publications.
  • Impact:  Provide additional opportunities for you to help advance the profession.
  • Ownership:  You retain the copyright of your original materials.
  • Quality:  All IEEE eLearning Library tutorials go through a comprehensive peer review process.
  • Compensation:  Receive a royalty for contribution of your expertise.


What’s involved in participating in this program as an author?

  • Existing materials previously presented and reviewed on the selected topic are used, helping to streamline the development process.
  • Audio is easily recorded on your own computer, then transcribed for use by a voice talent professional for the final tutorial.
  • Tutorial components requested from the author include, author photo and short biography; 10 references; 10 glossary terms & definitions; and 10 questions / answers, multiple choice or true/false for self-test at the end of the tutorial.
  • Based on feedback from current eLearning tutorial authors, total time commitment for developing an hour long course is approximately 8 hours.
  • See IEEE eLearning Library Tutorial Development for additional information.


Interested in developing an IEEE eLearning Library tutorial?