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Region 1 & 2 Governor: Kenneth Laker
- Beta Beta Chapter: New York Polytechnic
- Beta Nu Chapter: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
- Beta Omega Chapter: University of Connecticut
- Beta Pi Chapter: City College of New York
- Beta Theta Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- Beta Zeta Chapter: New York University
- Delta Chi Chapter: Cooper Union
- Delta Eta Chapter: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
- Delta Kappa Chapter: University of Maine
- Delta Theta Chapter: Pratt Institute
- Epsilon Delta Chapter: Tufts University
- Epsilon Pi Chapter: Princeton University
- Epsilon Zeta Chapter: University of Massachusetts-Lowell
- Gamma Alpha Chapter: Manhattan College
- Gamma Beta Chapter: Northeastern University
- Gamma Delta Chapter: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
- Gamma Epsilon Chapter: Rutgers University
- Gamma Eta Chapter: Syracuse University
- Gamma Gamma Chapter: Clarkson College
- Gamma Kappa Chapter: New Jersey Institute of Technology
- Gamma Lambda Chapter: Columbia University
- Iota Delta Chapter: Stevens Institute of Technology
- Iota Epsilon Chapter: University of Hartford
- Iota Iota Chapter: Rochester Institute of Technology
- Iota Phi Chapter: United States Military Academy
- Iota Psi Chapter: New York Institute of Technology- Old Westbury
- Kappa Chapter: Cornell University
- Kappa Epsilon Chapter: State University of New York - Binghamton
- Kappa Omicron Chapter: State University of New York - New Paltz
- Kappa Sigma Chapter: Boston University
- Kappa Zeta Chapter: New York Institute of Technology
- Lambda Nu Chapter: University of Scranton
- Lambda Omicron Chapter: Miami University
- Lambda Xi Chapter: Hofstra University
- Phi Chapter: Union College
- Theta Gamma Chapter: Fairleigh Dickinson University
- Theta Mu Chapter: SUNY at Stony Brook
- Theta Sigma Chapter: University of Bridgeport
- Theta Theta Chapter: New York Polytechnic School of Engineering
- Theta Xi Chapter: Norwich University
- Zeta Alpha Chapter: Monmouth University
- Zeta Gamma Chapter: University of Rhode Island
- Zeta Pi Chapter: State University of New York at Buffalo
- Zeta Rho Chapter: University of New Haven
- Zeta Sigma Chapter: Polytechnic Univ. of New York
- Zeta Xi Chapter: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Region 1 & 2 Governor: Kenneth Laker
- Beta Alpha Chapter: Drexel University
- Beta Delta Chapter: University of Pittsburgh
- Beta Rho Chapter: West Virginia University
- Chi Chapter: Lehigh Valley
- Delta Epsilon Chapter: Ohio University
- Delta Mu Chapter: Villanova University
- Delta Xi Chapter: Air Force Institute of Technology
- Epsilon Chapter: Pennsylvania State University
- Epsilon Alpha Chapter: Cleveland State University
- Epsilon Omicron Chapter: University of Delaware
- Gamma Chapter: Ohio State University
- Gamma Psi Chapter: Lafayette College
- Gamma Upsilon Chapter: Johns Hopkins University
- Gamma Xi Chapter: University of Maryland-College Park
- Iota Eta Chapter: University of Dayton
- Iota Mu Chapter: George Mason University
- Iota Nu Chapter: Gannon University
- Iota Sigma Chapter: Temple University
- Iota Tau Chapter: University of District of Columbia
- Kappa Beta Chapter: Wilkes University
- Kappa Mu Chapter: Capitol College
- Lambda Chapter: University of Pennsylvania
- Lambda Gamma Chapter: Howard University
- Lambda Kappa Chapter: US Naval Academy
- Sigma Chapter: Carnegie-Mellon University
- Tau Chapter: University of Cincinnati
- Theta Iota Chapter: George Washington University
- Zeta Chapter: Case Western Reserve University
- Zeta Omicron Chapter: West Virginia Institute of Tech.
- Zeta Zeta Chapter: University of Akron
Region 3 & 4 Governor: Ron Jensen
- Beta Eta Chapter: North Carolina State University
- Beta Lambda Chapter: Virginia Tech
- Beta Mu Chapter: Georgia Institute of Technology
- Beta Phi Chapter: University of Tennessee
- Beta Upsilon Chapter: University of Kentucky
- Delta Lambda Chapter: Duke University
- Delta Nu Chapter: University of Alabama
- Delta Phi Chapter: University of South Carolina
- Epsilon Chi Chapter: University of Louisville
- Epsilon Kappa Chapter: University of Miami
- Epsilon Lambda Chapter: Vanderbilt University
- Epsilon Omega Chapter: University of Mississippi
- Epsilon Rho Chapter: Tennessee Technological University
- Epsilon Sigma Chapter: University of Florida
- Epsilon Upsilon Chapter: Tuskegee University
- Gamma Omega Chapter: Mississippi State University
- Gamma Pi Chapter: University of Virginia
- Iota Alpha Chapter: University of Alabama- Birmingham
- Kappa Chi Chapter: Virginia Commonwealth University
- Kappa Delta Chapter: Florida International University
- Kappa Lambda Chapter: University of Memphis
- Kappa Nu Chapter: University of North Florida
- Kappa Phi Chapter: University of North Carolina Charlotte
- Kappa Xi Chapter: University of South Florida
- Lambda Alpha Chapter: University of West Florida
- Lambda Delta Chapter: FAMU-FSU
- Lambda Epsilon Chapter: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
- Lambda Pi Chapter: Union University
- Lambda Upsilon Chapter: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University- Daytona Beach
- Theta Eta Chapter: University of Alabama-Huntsville
- Theta Lambda Chapter: University of South Alabama
- Theta Nu Chapter: North Carolina A&T State University
- Theta Phi Chapter: Virginia Military Institute
- Xi Chapter: Auburn University
- Zeta Chi Chapter: University of Central Florida
- Zeta Epsilon Chapter: Florida Institute of Technology
- Zeta Iota Chapter: Clemson University
- Zeta Kappa Chapter: Tennessee State University
- Zeta Upsilon Chapter: Old Dominion University
Region 3 & 4 Governor: Ron Jensen
- Alpha Chapter: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- Beta Chapter: Purdue University
- Beta Epsilon Chapter: University of Michigan
- Beta Gamma Chapter: Michigan Technological University
- Beta Iota Chapter: University of Iowa
- Beta Omicron Chapter: Marquette University
- Beta Psi Chapter: University of Nebraska
- Beta Sigma Chapter: University of Detroit Mercy
- Beta Tau Chapter: Northwestern University
- Delta Chapter: Illinois Institute of Technology
- Delta Alpha Chapter: Wayne State University
- Delta Rho Chapter: University of North Dakota
- Delta Sigma Chapter: University of Notre Dame
- Delta Upsilon Chapter: Bradley University
- Epsilon Eta Chapter: Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.
- Gamma Tau Chapter: North Dakota State University
- Gamma Zeta Chapter: Michigan State University
- Iota Beta Chapter: Milwaukee School of Engineering
- Iota Chi Chapter: Oakland University
- Iota Lambda Chapter: University of Illinois-Chicago
- Iota Omicron Chapter: St. Cloud State University
- Kappa Alpha Chapter: Northern Illinois University
- Kappa Omega Chapter: Western Michigan University
- Kappa Rho Chapter: Purdue University-Indianapolis
- Kappa Theta Chapter: University of Wisconsin-Platteville
- Nu Chapter: Iowa State University
- Omicron Chapter: University of Minnesota
- Theta Chapter: University of Wisconsin
- Theta Epsilon Chapter: Kettering University
- Theta Tau Chapter: University of Michigan-Dearborn
- Theta Upsilon Chapter: Lawrence Institute of Technology
- Zeta Phi Chapter: Trine University
Region 5 & 6 Governor: Gordon Day
- Beta Chi Chapter: South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.
- Beta Kappa Chapter: Kansas State University
- Beta Xi Chapter: University of Oklahoma
- Delta Beta Chapter: Lamar University-Beaumont
- Delta Delta Chapter: University of Denver
- Delta Gamma Chapter: Louisiana Technological University
- Delta Iota Chapter: Louisiana State University
- Delta Pi Chapter: Colorado State University
- Delta Psi Chapter: St. Louis University
- Delta Tau Chapter: University of Southwestern Louisiana
- Delta Zeta Chapter: Washington University-St. Louis
- Epsilon Epsilon Chapter: University of Houston
- Epsilon Mu Chapter: University of Texas at Arlington
- Epsilon Xi Chapter: Wichita State University
- Gamma Iota Chapter: University of Kansas
- Gamma Mu Chapter: Texas A & M University
- Gamma Nu Chapter: Texas Tech University
- Gamma Phi Chapter: University of Arkansas
- Gamma Rho Chapter: South Dakota State University
- Gamma Theta Chapter: Missouri University of Science and Technology
- Iota Chapter: Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
- Iota Rho Chapter: University of New Orleans
- Kappa Kappa Chapter: University of Texas- Dallas
- Kappa Tau Chapter: Baylor University
- Kappa Upsilon Chapter: University of Texas San Antonio
- Lambda Zeta Chapter: University of North Texas
- Omega Chapter: Oklahoma State University
- Psi Chapter: University of Texas-Austin
- Rho Chapter: University of Colorado, Boulder
- Theta Alpha Chapter: Tulane University
- Theta Chi Chapter: University of Colorado- Colorado Springs
- Theta Omicron Chapter: Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
- Theta Pi Chapter: University of Missouri-Kansas City
- Theta Rho Chapter: William Marsh Rice University
- Theta Zeta Chapter: University of Colorado-Denver
- Zeta Beta Chapter: Texas A & M University - Kingsville
- Zeta Delta Chapter: University of Texas at El Paso
- Zeta Lambda Chapter: Prairie View A& M (University of Texas)
- Zeta Nu Chapter: University of Tulsa
- Zeta Psi Chapter: Southern University A & M
Region 5 & 6 Governor: Gordon Day
- Delta Omega Chapter: University of Hawaii at Manoa
- Delta Omicron Chapter: University of New Mexico
- Epsilon Beta Chapter: Arizona State University
- Epsilon Gamma Chapter: University of Toledo
- Epsilon Iota Chapter: San Jose State University
- Epsilon Nu Chapter: California State University-LA
- Epsilon Phi Chapter: California Polytechnic St. Univ.
- Epsilon Psi Chapter: Santa Clara University
- Epsilon Tau Chapter: University of California- Santa Barbara
- Epsilon Theta Chapter: California State Univ.-Long Beach
- Gamma Chi Chapter: New Mexico State University
- Gamma Omicron Chapter: Southern Methodist University
- Gamma Sigma Chapter: University of Utah
- Iota Gamma Chapter: University of California, Los Angeles
- Iota Kappa Chapter:
- Iota Omega Chapter: California State University- Fullerton
- Iota Pi Chapter: Southern California Institute of Technology
- Iota Theta Chapter: Portland State University
- Iota Upsilon Chapter: University of Washington
- Iota Xi Chapter: University of Arizona
- Iota Zeta Chapter: California State University- Chico
- Kappa Eta Chapter: University of San Diego
- Kappa Gamma Chapter: University of Alaska-Anchorage, Fairbanks
- Kappa Iota Chapter: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University- Prescott
- Kappa Pi Chapter: Boise State University
- Kappa Psi Chapter: University of California San Diego
- Lambda Beta Chapter: California State University Northridge
- Lambda Sigma Chapter: University of California, Riverside
- Mu Chapter: University of California-Berkeley
- Pi Chapter: Oregon State University
- Theta Beta Chapter: University of Portland
- Theta Delta Chapter: Naval Postgraduate School
- Theta Kappa Chapter: California State University-Fresno
- Theta Omega Chapter: University of the Pacific
- Theta Psi Chapter: University of Nevada, Reno
- Upsilon Chapter: University of Southern California
- Zeta Eta Chapter: Brigham Young University
- Zeta Mu Chapter: Northrop University
- Zeta Omega Chapter: University of California-Irvine
- Zeta Tau Chapter: San Diego State University
- Zeta Theta Chapter: California State Polytechnic Univ.
Region 7–10 Governor: Mo El-Hawary
- Lambda Theta Chapter: Dalhouse University
Region 7–10 Governor: Mo El-Hawary
- Lambda Mu Chapter: Texas A&M Qatar
- Mu Eta Chapter: University of KwaZulu-Natal 
Region 7–10 Governor: Mo El-Hawary
- Lambda Rho Chapter: Tecnologico de Monterrey
- Lambda Tau Chapter: University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Region 7–10 Governor: Mo El-Hawary
- Lambda Eta Chapter: Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering
- Lambda Iota Chapter: The University of Hong Kong
- Lambda Omega Chapter: National University of Singapore
- Mu Alpha Chapter: UCSI University - Kuala Lumpur


Chapter resources

Access an all-in-one repository of forms and resources to update officers, induct new members, submit required reports, and communicate with the team at IEEE-HKN Headquarters.

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Chapter leadership

Chapters are required to fill chapter leadership positions. Although the president is primarily responsible for guiding the chapter, all officers must contribute if the chapter is to have a successful year. Learn more about the leadership positions.


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Key Chapter recognition

The Key Chapter recognition celebrates chapters that participate in activities identified as the best practices of successful chapters. Every chapter has the potential to earn the Key Chapter recognition.


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Reactivating a chapter

If your chapter has not submitted induction paperwork or an Annual Chapter Report in the last two years, your chapter is considered "inactive." To reactivate your chapter, follow these steps.


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Forming a new chapter

Interested in forming an IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) chapter on your campus? The team at IEEE-HKN Headquarters is eager to assist you. Start by following these steps.


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