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The IEEE Education Partners Program (IEEE EPP) partners with academic and corporate entities to provide quality learning opportunities exclusively for IEEE members. Each educational partner is carefully screened to provide only the highest quality experience. As an IEEE member, participants in the programs receive at least a 10% discount for enrolling in the programs offered through the IEEE Education Partners Program.

The course offerings include:

  • Online degree programs
  • Continuing education courses
  • Certificate programs
  • Continuing education units (CEUs)

Offerings for IEEE members


Through resources provided by the IEEE Education Partners Program, IEEE members can take continuing education, certificate, and graduate degree courses from quality providers at up to a 10% discount.

The partners are a carefully selected number of accredited universities and private continuing education providers worldwide that are reviewed and approved by highly qualified IEEE volunteers to ensure members receive the most effective learning resources.

All partners have websites where IEEE members can access course catalogs, register for courses, and receive the IEEE discount. Most of the courses are part of online programs and some are classroom-based, instructor-led educational experiences.


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Interested in becoming an IEEE education partner?


What is the IEEE Education Partners Program (IEEE EPP)? IEEE members worldwide have said they want more continuing education opportunities. And they expect IEEE, the world's largest technical professional society, to provide those opportunities.

Through partnerships with continuing education providers, IEEE EPP can meet the needs of its membership while providing an additional marketing channel and revenue for its partners.

Several partnerships provide continuing education opportunities to IEEE members, who receive a 10% discount on courses. IEEE encourages potential partners to take advantage of affiliation with one of the most recognized brands in technology worldwide.


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