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The following is a list of sample projects from the Purdue EPICS program.


Examples of EPICS Projects

Columbia University, New York, NY
Web-Based Tutoring
The team's goal was to develop an online academic interface for the New York public schools. The team came up with a solution in which a student at the school could be tutored by someone over the internet in another part of the city, or conceivably, anywhere in the world. After some research the team found the best software to be Microsoft NetMeeting, which facilitates multiple modes of communication. After deciding to use an IR writing tool, the team set up the interface so that the tutor and student would have parallel windows on the screen. This allows for the student to copy down problems on his/her own notepad as the tutor writes them down, thus simulating the use of a chalkboard and notebook.
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NY
Montshire Museum
The museum partnered with Dartmouth EPICS in order to improve the museum's ability to gather data about visitors and exhibits. The information from these studies will be used in guiding exhibit decisions and marketing, and in basic research into how people learn science in museum settings.
This EPICS team is developing software to assist in data capture using hand-held devices (PDAs). A high-level interface will enable the museum staff to devise custom data collection tools (surveys, timers, occurrence counters, etc.). The tools will be loaded onto PDAs for use in the museum. Counterpart software extracts the collected information for subsequent analysis.
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Sensor network for monitoring air- and water-quality along the Delaware River
The Philadelphia Clean Air Council is developing and disseminating policies for improving air and water quality. The task given to the EPICs team was to model and analyze port activates. They used a sensor network to monitor the air and water quality. Once the project is complete the results and a set of ‘best practice’ recommendations will be given to their project partner.
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) Team: Wind Turbine
This team is working to construct a Wind Turbine on campus to power the intramural lights. The turbine and its accompanying educational tools will promote alternative energies. It will also educate Purdue and the surrounding community about wind energy and green sustainability.
Chemical Sensing Initiative (CSI) Team: The Meth Problem
This team is designing a way to keep law enforcement officials safe. The end goal is to make a robotic sensor that will go into a house and detect if there is Meth being produced there. The production of Meth is extremely dangerous and uses very harsh chemicals; if a law enforcement officer were to enter a building where Meth was being made, serious harm could come to the officer. This project will design the robotic element and the sensing element.
Frederick Douglass Academy, NY
Community Elevated Gardens
This project involves the school’s EPICS Engineering and Aquatic Biology students in hands-on service-learning projects to design and build Elevated Outdoor Aquaponics Systems, Irrigation Systems, and Hydroponics Systems in community gardens around Harlem. This project will help build community intergenerational collaboration
Desktop Aquaponics
This project will train students to build indoor desktop aquaponics systems by teaching students about basic design, instrumentation, and project execution. Students who become proficient will be sent to maintain systems that have been built by previous EPICS students in the school and in a local senior center.


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