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Students from NIT Warangal, within the IEEE Hyderabad Section in India, will be working on their project, “Device to Assist Communication of Disabled Based on Hand Gesture Recognition Project," throughout 2013.


Device to Assist Communication of Disabled Based on Hand Gesture Recognition Project

The aim of this EPICS project is to build an interactive machine interface that uses gesture recognition to identify sign language used by the deaf. The main objective is to provide a device that converts hand gesture recognition of sign language to pre-recorded text and voice signals.

Students from the NIT Warangal student branch in Hyderabad, India, will collaborate with nonprofit organization Sweekar Rehabilitation Institute for Handicapped. Sweekar Rehabilitation Centre is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to improve the quality of life for those with developmental delays, those with learning disabilities, or those who did not develop normal language speech as children. Sweekar’s core belief is that everyone can be trained to communicate by providing proper ways and means. The project group will collaborate with students from the secondary school, Kendriya Vidayalaya Kanchanbagh.

The hand gestures will be recognized using computer video and classification of gesture text or voice signals. The planned project is divided into two major modules: the camera capture and gesture recognition module. The device will feature a device with an attached webcam and monitor to display the text for voice signal. It will also include a well-defined user interface with various icons for the selection of the configurations of the device (i.e., language settings, text or voice output selection, etc.). Finally, it will have the ability to access the mobile and Internet for long-distance communications.


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