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Sections and student branch participation is essential for the success of the EPICS in IEEE initiative. Through section support, local area champions are mobilized to lead student branches for this effort.



Sections interested in participating in the program will need to identify a local area coordinator who will mobilize student branches. Regional Educational Activities or Student Activities Chairs or section volunteers are welcome to participate.

These coordinators can assist in the dissemination of the program and work with student branches to submit a proposal for funding support.


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Student branches

Student branches are required to submit an application for the proposed project in order to receive funding support from EPICS in IEEE.

Projects that are within IEEE's fields of interest should address one or more areas of interest as described below:

  • Education: K-12 schools, museums, adult learning programs, after school programs
  • Access and abilities: adaptive services, clinics for children with disabilities, programs for adults with disabilities, assistive technology
  • Human services: homelessness prevention, affordable housing, family and children agencies, neighborhood revitalization, local government
  • Environment: environmental organizations, neighborhood associations, parks & recreation

The student branch will identify a non-profit organization that has a project that is important to undertake and has appropriate engineering-content for their students. In addition, the student branch will reach out to high school educators willing to allow their students to participate in the program and will mentor the high school students to complete the humanitarian projects.


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Existing projects

To see examples of EPICS projects, view the list of projects being lead by EPICS sites and IEEE sections.


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Submit a Proposal

Download the application