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Students from IES College of Engineering, within the IEEE Kerala Section in India, will be working on their project, “Green Cart," throughout 2013.


Green Cart

This EPICS project involves the development “Green Cart.” “Green Cart” describes a small, efficient, wheel-chair fitting auto vehicle that provides easy and quick access for wheelchair users. The car door opens via remote control to allow access through the rear of the vehicle, where there is a ramp. The wheelchair is then fixed into place for safety before the engine is started. The car is also navigated by using a full control joystick, one that allows someone with disabilities to control the movement of the car.

Students from the IES College of Engineering, in the Kerala Section of India, will be developing a “Green Cart” that is fuel-less and instead relies on solar energy. This will be accomplished by installing a solar cell connected to the car battery and converting the energy from the sun to help the car move.  

The project group will collaborate with a local Kerala school, I.E.S. Public School, located in Chittilappilly, Thrissur. The project will involve 10-20 students, in order to raise their awareness about engineering and to motivate them to consider engineering as their future profession, and to find out innovative ideas with engineering. The prototype device for the “Green Cart” will be tested with help from Municipal Old Age Home, in Guruvayur, Kerala, which provides basic needs for the elderly.


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