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Students from MSRIT, within the IEEE Bangalore Section of India, will be working on their project, “Laptop Interfaced Multi-Purpose Probe," throughout 2013.


Laptop Interfaced Probe

The aim of this EPICS project is to design a portable, cost-effective ultrasound probe combined with a vein viewer that is interfaced with a laptop. The probe would be embedded with an infra-red camera which can be used to view veins in the body and easily locate them. The ultrasound probe can be used to scan any part of the body for diagnostics. The probe would then be interfaced with the laptop, which makes it portable and cost-effective. The power consumption would be low, which makes the equipment more efficient. The software would process the images taken by the laptop and give a clear image display on the laptop screen, eliminating the use of a hardware based digital signal processing (DSP) processor. Overall, the laptop-interfaced multi-purpose probe would be very useful as it’s portable, cost-efficient, and multi-functional, and would improve health care in rural areas as well as assist in improving healthcare for military camps. 

Students from the MSRIT student branch in the Bangalore Section of India will collaborate with non-profit organization, Hands To Help Foundation to develop the project. Hands To Health Foundation’s mission is to provide service to humanity and to improve the quality of health and life. The project, being the development of a biomedical instrument, will help the doctors and the paramedical technicians in diagnosis. This can be used on medical camps in remote and rural areas. 

The project group will work with a group of six secondary students from VVS Sardar Patel Engineering High School, who will be motivated and taught the different ways of exploring the technology. This will help them get an idea of a problem statement, project, and experiments, and also will help them to understand the present trends in the medical technology and computer science fields. The students will be asked to do a survey on the different details required for the project. This enables the student to gain knowledge of several aspects of hospitals, the cost and different patient problems. The project group will also plan to involve the secondary school students in the software aspect of the project. The involvement will assist them in their academics and will be a good practical learning experience. At the end, the project groups will conduct a larger seminar for all students, which will inspire them to have further interests in science and engineering.


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