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Section volunteers learn more about the program by attending the TISP training workshops. Links to past training workshops are available to learn more about the training workshops. Once trained, sections can then organize TISP in their local school systems.


What occurs at a TISP training workshop?

Section leaders host Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) training workshops for engineers interested in working with their schools and school systems and in helping to increase the level of technological literacy of local pre-university educators and their students.

During a TISP training workshop participants will:  

  • learn tips and strategies on how to connect with their local educators;
  • participate in hands-on activities;
  • hear from key local educators;
  • receive resources to help them conduct teacher in-service presentations.

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Past TISP workshop events


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Section resources

Below are some resources to help your Section connect with local pre-university educators after participating in a TISP training workshop.

  • How to begin: Tips on how to get your Section started.
  • Lesson plans: A selection of engineering lesson plans that can be used in your in-service presentation to pre-university educators.
  • Education standards: Information on how to align lessons to educational standards that pre-university educators are required to address.
  • Funding: Resources on how to obtain funding for your in-service presentations.
  • Evaluation survey: This survey will enable you to gather information on the impact of your in-service presentations.

To see an example of a teacher in-service, you can watch teachers participate in a session conducted by volunteers of the Fort Worth Chapter in this video.



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