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The following resources provide IEEE volunteers with information about working with local pre-university teachers, students, and schools to raise awareness and interest about engineering and associated careers. IEEE Educational Activities, a partner in the National Academy of Engineering’s Engineering Equity Extension Service (EEES), developed these learning modules to provide assistance and support for those IEEE members interested in outreach activities to the pre-university community.


"Train The Trainer" modules

As a 5-year grant funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), EEES’s mission is to help prepare a more diverse and talented engineering workforce. The Engineering Equity Extension Project proposes to provide national extension services to the pre-engineering and engineering communities by bringing together expertise in gender studies, the research base on science and engineering education, and practical skills in project management.

  • tips and strategies to more effectively work with primary and secondary school teachers and students;
  •  methods on how engineers can make a difference and be an effective resource for educators in local schools and school systems.
  • the purpose of standards, how they are developed, how they impact local schools, and how they achieve equity;
  • how IEEE activities can be mapped to national and international education standards document;
  • what you can do to help schools meet standards.
  • how to get involved and get started;
  • how to conduct an inclusive project;
  •  how to document your project and measure its impact.
After completing each module please take a moment to fill out a brief survey to give us your feedback.



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