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IEEE encourages the introduction and use of standards in the classroom.

Your educational institution may have access to all IEEE Standards through the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which provides access to IEEE journals, transactions, letters, magazines and conference proceedings, IET journals and conference proceedings, IEEE Standards and IEEE educational courses.


Educational institutions with access to IEEE Standards

If your school appears on our list, contact your school's librarian for subscription access and for more information. Please visit IEEE Xplore ® to access your subscription (log in required).


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No-cost access to IEEE 802® Standards

The Get IEEE 802® program makes IEEE 802 standards available at no charge in PDF format thanks to industry sponsorship. This program grants public access to view and download current individual IEEE Local and Metropolitan Area Network standards at no charge.

  • New IEEE 802® standards will be included in the program after they have been published in PDF for six months.
  • All documents available in the Get IEEE 802® program will remain in the program until they are replaced by a superseding document or they are withdrawn.

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