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As the world's leading standards developer, IEEE is also a leading source of information and resources on standards, their applications, and their impact on designing new products, processes, and services.


Commitment to standards education

IEEE is committed to:

  • Promoting the importance of standards in meeting technical, economic, environmental, and societal challenges
  • Disseminating learning materials on the application of standards in the design and development aspects of educational programs
  • Actively promoting the integration of standards into academic programs
  • Providing short courses about standards needed in the design and development phases of professional practice 

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Standards Education: An Introduction

Bring a virtual IEEE guest lecturer into the classroom with this 15 minute video, the first in a planned three-part series to deliver the basics about standards and standardization to undergraduates. 
Topics in this video include:
  • History of standardization
  • Basic concepts of standardization
  • Definition of a standard
  • Major types of standards
  • Benefits of standardization

Standards Education Introduction Video


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  • Why standards education? Discover why standards education is important.
  • Standards Education e-Magazine: a publication for those who learn, teach, use, deploy, develop, and enjoy standards.
  • Tutorials: free online learning modules providing information about how standards came about, how they are classified, how they impact future development, and how they benefit the economy.
  • Case illustrations: free online learning modules describing the application of standards to achieve a specific design objective.
  • Student application papers: apply for an IEEE Standard Education Grant to help with graduate and capstone design projects with an industry standards component, and publish the results describing the way specific standards were applied to a task and how they impacted the design process.
  • Standards reference directory: offers an alphabetical listing of standards development bodies and other associations supporting the teaching of standards in undergraduate engineering and engineering technology programs.
  • Glossary: explanations of terms and phrases in common use by standards' developers and users.
  • Announcements: information in upcoming events, articles, and papers about standards.
  • Additional resources: a gateway to additional resources for standards information including other organizations, learning tools, and educational websites.


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