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Knowledge of standards can help facilitate the transition from classroom to professional practice by aligning educational concepts with real-world applications.
Recognizing the important role standards play within the engineering, technology, and computing fields, IEEE is providing resources to help introduce and teach undergraduate and graduate students about technical standards.


IEEE standards education grants

  • IEEE offers grants to undergraduate and graduate students and to faculty mentors to help with graduate and capstone design projects with an industry standards component.
  • Grants include US$500 for students, with additional honoraria for faculty mentors.


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IEEE Microsoft student application paper grants

  • IEEE-Microsoft Student Application Paper Grants are offered for undergraduate and graduate students in Sub-Saharan Africa for design projects using industry or technical standards. Upon completion of their project, students submit a final report called a Student Application Paper.
  • Grants include US$500 for students, with additional honoraria for faculty mentors.


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IEEE standards internship program

  • Gaps exist between universities and businesses when it comes to the development and use of technical standards. As part of its commitment to bridging these gaps and to meeting the needs of both industry and academia, the IEEE Standards Education Committee (SEC) has created a prestigious six-month internship program for graduate and post-graduate students, as well as university faculty, that explores standards technologies and technologies in depth.
  • IEEE will link students looking for internships (via their universities) with companies looking for interns and will provide direction and oversight to the internship program, ensuring a focus on themes of standardization.


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Online tutorials

Free online tutorials are designed to help students, educators, and practicing engineers better understand technical standards by exploring the role of standards in engineering and technology, and by providing real-world examples of the application of standards.


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Online case studies

These free online case studies of standards in a real-world context describe the application of standards to achieve a specific design objective.


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