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IBM and IEEE are in search of creative team-based student projects that can help students at any level learn about applying engineering, science, and other disciplines to solve real-world problems. 


Project submission

Co-presented by:

Students for a Smarter Planet

Rapid advances in technology and science provide members of engineering professions with fresh ways to apply technical expertise to improve today’s world. Use your expertise to develop unique learning experiences for future students.


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Project topics

Project topics must be in one of the following areas:
Big Data / Analytics: The amount of data in the world is growing every second, and taking on more forms—structured and unstructured, in motion and at rest. Big data holds valuable insights that can aid in decision making and transform a business. But without analytics, big data is just noise.
CloudThe conversation around cloud computing has shifted. No longer just a delivery system for IT services, cloud is increasingly seen as a growth engine for business.
Cyber Security: IT systems must now supply enormous amounts of data to users around the globe, who access it from both their organizational and personal handheld devices. This evolution in business brings the challenge of securing systems and data in a multi-perimeter world.
Mobile: A mobile enterprise can attract new customers, and transform a business and IT infrastructure. Develop mobile apps to boost enterprise efficiency, and improve customer service and interactions.


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Eligibilty requirements

Students working together

Student teams must have three to five members in any year of university study. At least one must be a member of IEEE. 
Student teams must have at least one individual majoring in an area other than electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computer science. Participation of students outside of engineering (e.g., business, liberal arts, or social science) is strongly encouraged.


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In 2014, up to five student teams across the ten IEEE Regions will be eligible to receive Smarter Planet Challenge awards. 

First place:      US$5,000 for each team
Second place:  US$4,000 for each team
Third place:     US$3,000 for each team
Fourth place:   US$2,000 for each team
Fifth place:      US$1,000 for each team


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Key dates

Application deadline:    1 October 2014
Judging completed:     15 November 2014
Awards announced:      1 December 2014


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Application submission process

Submit a completed application. Please read the Project Submission Details before submitting your project. Submissions accepted 1 May 2014 through 1 October 2014.


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