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As a nominator, you initiate the process of nominating a colleague or co-worker for the IEEE Fellow grade.  Unfortunately, sometimes the information about the nominee, reference, or endorser is incorrect. To avoid such an error, use the checklist below before submitting.


1. Meet the deadline

All forms (nomination, reference, and endorsement) must be received no later than 1 March.  

Submitting a nomination early gives references and endorsers more time to complete their form.


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2. Nominee eligibility

The nominee must be an IEEE Senior Member or IEEE Life Senior Member in good standing, who has been an IEEE member for five years or more preceding 1 January of the year of elevation.

All forms are checked thoroughly, and those that do not meet the requirements are not accepted. The Fellows staff will verify the actual date that the nominee joined IEEE against the years of service listed on the application.


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3. Ensure correct spelling of nominee's name

Often, the nominee’s names are misspelled, or the first name and the surname are transposed. Pay special attention to international names with special characters and/or names that are hyphenated. This can cause problems later on in the nomination process.


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4. Reference eligibility

Check your reference's eligibility. A reference must be an IEEE Fellow or IEEE Life Fellow in good standing, with the exception of Region 9 (refer to instructions for explanation).  

In addition, verify that your references do not currently serve on boards or committees that would make them ineligible to support the nomination.  The Fellows staff strongly encourages you to solicit the maximum of eight references to increase the chances of fulfilling the reference requirement. 


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5. Listing of endorsers

When entering a name of an endorser, input the last name, first name, and e-mail address in the appropriate fields. If entering the name of a society, corporation, chapter, or region, input the information in the “organization name” field and  leave the "first name" field blank, then enter the e-mail address for the contact issuing the endorsement.


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6. E-mail addresses

Input only one e-mail address for a reference and/or an endorser. Entering multiple e-mail addresses causes system errors. 


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7. Self-employed" or retired nominee

Do not enter anything in the “organization’s name” field.  


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8. Proposed citation

The proposed citation should always begin with the word “for”:

  • "for contributions to…"
  • "for the development of…"

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9. Printable version

Prior to submitting the nomination form, remember to hit the printable version button and print a copy of the completed nomination form for your records.


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Newly Elevated Fellow Class

Fellow Procedures

2013 Operations Manual (DOC, 134 KB)

Order a Fellow Pin or Certificate

Contact the IEEE Fellow Program

Fellows Bylaw Information

Fellows News

Fellows news in any manner—honors, recognitions, promotions, and more—will be displayed here.

Congratulations to Prof. Isamu Akasaki, Life Fellow, for being awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for physics. He and professors Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the first blue LEDs in the early 1990s. Learn more.

Congratulations to Thomas Kailath, Life Fellow, Stanford University, CA, USA, for receiving the National Medal of Science award and Mary Shaw, Life Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA, for receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation award on October 6. Learn more.

Call for Nominations for the Class of 2016
Nominations for the IEEE Fellows Class of 2016 are now being accepted. Nominate a colleague, coworker, or friend whose career and body of work you consider eligible for elevation to the IEEE Fellow grade. Apply only online. Deadline is 1 March 2015.