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Past IEEE Fellows news in any manner—honors, recognitions, promotions and more—is displayed here.


Judea Pearl awarded the 2011 Harvey Prize by the Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Judea Pearl, a UCLA computer science professor and a Life Fellow, has been awarded the 2011 Harvey Prize by the Technion Israel Institute of Technology. Prof. Pearl’s theories for inference under uncertainty, and most notably the Bayesian network approach, have profoundly influenced diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, statistics, philosophy, health, economics, social sciences, and cognitive sciences. The award is in recognition of his foundational work that has touched a multitude of spheres of modern life.  He will be honored at a ceremony in March.


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IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta to Receive Presidential Award For Excellence In Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring

U.S. President Barack Obama recently named IEEE Fellow Karen Panetta a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. The award will be presented at a White House ceremony later this year.


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Two IEEE Fellow members received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Two IEEE Fellow Members States—B. Jayant Baliga and Michael F. Tompsett—received the 2011 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, the highest honor for technological achievement bestowed by the President of the United States.

Congratulations to Prof. Isamu Akasaki, Life Fellow, for being awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for physics. He and professors Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the first blue LEDs in the early 1990s. Learn more.

Congratulations to Thomas Kailath, Life Fellow, Stanford University, CA, USA, for receiving the National Medal of Science award and Mary Shaw, Life Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA, for receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation award on October 6. Learn more.


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