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IEEE Young Professionals offers webinars for members on topics related to professional development, humanitarian efforts, and technical knowledge. Young Professinal webinars are scheduled quarterly and are recorded for on-demand viewing. Please check back as a new series is being developed.


Technology in Humanitarian Frameworks

Technology in Humanitarian Networks

Presented by Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan

This webinar presents insight into the role of engineers in addressing global humanitarian challenges. The author will present the importance of technology-based humanitarian programs and discuss various avenues offered by IEEE to drive technology-based development for addressing challenges in the humanitarian space. The webinar further shares best practices, guidelines, and metrics to be considered while designing a technology-based humanitarian platform. The audience will learn more about the “Brahmam Model” and its successful case studies in developing large-scale computing solutions for focus areas like education, disability, and healthcare.


Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore, we are in Impedance Land. Oh my!

Not in Kansas

Presented by Joanna Hill

Joanna was born and raised in Miami, FL, USA. She was educated at Florida Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech, receiving her M.S.E.E. in 1976. Starting her career with Texas Instruments in the suburbs of Houston, TX, USA, she came to the Detroit, MI, USA area to work for Burroughs in 1979 on a single user computer, the B80. After the merger with Sperry, she left the computer industry in 1986 to work for United Technologies Automotive. While working for Burroughs in Plymouth, MI, she audited an antenna design class at the University of Michigan. Along the way she learned about fractional wavelength antennas while designing automotive keyless entry receivers and transmitters. Those little fobs have a fractional wavelength antenna inside them. These small antennas taught her that a fully functional radio link could be obtained with a tiny little bad antenna. She extended the knowledge of fractional wavelength antennas to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and learned to recognize these antenna structures within printed circuit boards and products. This work led to the creation of the 10 Golden Rules of EMC.


IEEE ResumeLab


This webinar, which was held 24 February 2014 at 2:00 pm ET, highlighted a new offering for IEEE Students. IEEE ResumeLab is an online service that allows IEEE members to develop a resume or curriculum vitae using a wide array of resume templates. Members can also perform mock interviews using over 900 potential interview questions or develop letters, portfolios, and skills assessments to use during the interview process. Best of all, the information developed on IEEE ResumeLab is easily shared with potential employers, mentors, or colleagues via a personalized Web site.


Best of Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


Hosted by Carsten Dolar

Don't miss the chance to get to know what has been a hot topic during this year's CES and the International Conference on Consumer Electronics. Hear what Consumer Electronics insiders think about the new trends.  As a young professional, and as a digital native, you have a unique point of view on Consumer Electronics and its impact on your daily life.


The Importance of Mentoring Relationships

The Importance of Mentoring Relationships

By Rory McCorckle
MBA, Ph.D. Global Career Resources Product Manager, IEEE MGA

Rory McCorckle discusses the nature of mentoring relationships and how to access IEEE’s MentorCentre benefit. This program, sponsored by MARSH, is geared to early career professionals that want to serve as a mentor to others or hope to find a mentor of their own.


Technical writing

How to Write a Technical Paper

How to Write a Technical Paper

by Jun Fan
Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, MO, USA

Jun Fan discusses the various aspects on how to write a technical paper. Jun breaks down the paper beginning with developing a topic, to introduction, abstract, and conclusion. The author covers issues such as readability, providing references, and developing a consistent format with figures, tables, and language.


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Engineering for Change

Engineering for Change

Careers In International Development
by Barrett Prinz, Director of Global HR and Legal, One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund, a rapidly expanding social enterprise, currently provides 137,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi with a “market bundle” of services—including farm inputs, finance, education, and market facilitation—and is repaid by the farmers for those services.

In this Engineering for Change (E4C) webinar, One Acre Fund will reveal more about their innovative organization and its activities. Learn more about:

  • the One Acre Fund operating model and the metrics used to measure impact;
  • types of organizations that do international development work and how they differ;
  • skills necessary for international development work;
  • tips for getting that first field posting;
  • other job-hunting tips.

Find out more on how you can jumpstart your own career in Engineering for Global Development. If you want to determine which development career path is right for you and what actions you can take now to help prepare for a career in international development, view this webinar.


Leveraging the Power of Engineers ... Engineering for Change
By Iana Aranda, Program Manager, Engineering for Global Development at ASME

Engineering for Change (E4C) LLC was founded in the spirit of engineers' harnessing a common passion for designing and applying creative technical solutions to a broad range of significant humanitarian challenges.

E4C is a dynamic and growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments, and community advocates whose mission is to improve quality of life in communities around the world by facilitating the development of affordable, locally appropriate, and sustainable solutions to the most pressing humanitarian challenges.


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Case Interview Success

Case Interview Success

Case Interview Success

by Tom Rochtus 

This on-demand webinar, Case Interview Success, focuses on job interviews, with a dedication to performing well on case interviews, common in (business/technical) consulting jobs.

Tom Rochtus is a well-known expert on the topic of case interviews. He passed all his case interviews and received offers from six of the most important management consulting companies, including Bain and McKinsey. He eventually signed with Bain & Company, one of the world's most prestigious management consulting companies, as a consultant. He is the author of Case Interview Success.


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Social media and the job hunt

Social Media and the Job Hunt

Which Witch is Which? Social Media and the Job Hunt

by Elizabeth Lions

Confused about social media? Unsure if your LinkedIn is drawing the right audience? In a confidential job search?

Elizabeth Lions is a popular author, speaker, and executive coach specializing in high-tech and engineering professionals. With 12 years as a headhunter staffing the who's who of corporate America, Elizabeth knows why a person is hired, fired, or promoted. She explains social media in plain language so that a technical person is able to feel confident about his or her online presence. If you aren't in the game, you're on the sidelines, and no one wants that when it comes to career management. Join us with Elizabeth Lions, author of Recession Proof Yourself and I Quit - Working For You Isn't Working For Me.


Other IEEE webinars

GOLD is not the only group within IEEE that offers webinars for IEEE members. If you are still looking for additional training on professional development, humanitarian, or technical topics, take a look at some of the other offerings. 


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IEEE MentorCentre

IEEE MentorCentre is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE.