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IEEE is pleased to offer a new electronic membership, or e-Membership, option to eligible new and renewing members. Use the links at the right to learn more, or browse through the questions below. Still have a question about e-Membership? Reach out to the IEEE Contact Center.


Do I qualify for e-Membership?

Review the list of developing nations to see if your country is listed. Then, review the instructions to either join for the first time or renew your membership.


Why is the e-Membership option not available in my country? What other reduced dues options are there?

IEEE strives to make membership affordable to everyone. IEEE offers the e-Membership option to new and renewing members in countries where the per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is less than US$14,700. IEEE uses a three-year average of this data, published by the United Nations, in determining which countries are eligible. Members who do not live in one of these developing nations have the Special Circumstances option available to them, which discounts IEEE membership 50% when they are retired, unemployed, or meet  the minimum income provision. It also gives them the print publications, though only a few dollars more than e-Membership.


I received my renewal bill and it shows the full IEEE membership dues amount. I live in a developing nation and want to take the e-Membership option. What do I do?

You will need to renew online to do this. Follow the instructions here for choosing e-Membership when you renew.


I do not see the e-Membership option when I go to join or renew. Why?

Be sure you have a complete mailing address in your profile, including the Country. If you do not enter this information, or if it is a country that is not eligible for e-Membership, you will not see the option displayed. Click on 'Change Address' from your member profile to update this information. Also be sure you have a valid email address in your profile to ensure you receive your membership materials and publications.


What happens after I join or renew after selecting the e-Membership option?

You will be able to access a PDF that contains your membership card and membership materials at the time you checkout and complete membership, in your Memberships and Subscriptions History page within your online profile, or through myIEEE.


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Can I claim Special Circumstances with the e-Membership option?

No, if you choose the e-Membership option, you will not be able to claim a Special Circumstance discount on IEEE Membership. However, any additional society memberships you add are eligible for the Special Circumstances discount even if you choose e-Membership for IEEE Membership.


Are students or society affiliates eligible for e-Membership?

No, students and affiliates do not qualify. IEEE membership rates are already discounted for students, and in fact are even less than e-Membership rates. Individual societies decide their membership dues and the types of membership options available.


If I have an e-Membership, am I still eligible to vote in the annual elections?

Yes, you are still eligible to vote in the annual elections. You will receive printed voting materials in October. (For legal reasons, we cannot send voting materials electronically.)


I live in a developing nation but still want to receive print publications. How can I get them?

You are not required to take the e-Membership option. If you wish to receive print publications or a printed membership card, you should select the 'IEEE Membership - Traditional' option when joining or renewing.


If I have an e-Membership, am I still eligible for grade elevation?

Yes. The years of service for qualification toward Senior, Fellow, or Life Member grades still accumulate when you have e-Membership.


What are regional assessments and are they charged with e-Membership?

Regional assessments are added in addition to standard base dues. These assessments help recover the cost of regional activities, events, and communications; which e-Members will still have access to and receive the full benefit of. When you are in the shopping cart purchasing e-Membership, you will see the price which includes the additional assessment. In Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern countries, the assessment is US$13. In South America the assessment is US$4, and in Asia and Pacific countries it is US$5. Please note that these assessments are the same that are charged when purchasing Traditional IEEE Membership.


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I live in a developing nation and I joined or renewed as an e-Member but want to switch to traditional IEEE membership. My e-Membership is already paid for. Can I do that?

Yes you can. You will be billed for the pro-rated difference and begin to receive print publications, from that point forward, as well as a printed membership card. If you would like to receive back issues of print publications, you have the option to pay the full year dues (not pro-rated). Changes to your membership type after you join or renew must be processed by the IEEE Contact Center. You cannot make this change online after you join or complete your renewal.


I live in a developing nation and I joined or renewed as a traditional member but want to switch to e-Membership. My traditional membership is already paid for. Can I do that?

You will have the opportunity to change to e-Membership, and receive a refund, only until 28 February, and only if you did not claim a Special Circumstance. You will be eligible to receive a refund of the regular base dues already paid, minus the e-Membership dues fee. Changes to your membership type after you join or renew must be processed by the IEEE Contact Center. You cannot make this change online after you join or complete your renewal.


What happens if I move into or out of a developing nation after I joined or renewed?

If you move out of a developing nation during the membership year, you will keep your e-Membership until the following renewal year. At that time, you will automatically receive a renewal for Traditional IEEE Membership. Likewise, if you move into a developing nation during the membership year, you will not become eligible for e-Membership until the next renewal period.


How do I access my electronic publications?

Publications can be accessed through IEEE Xplore, and you will receive an email notification to let you know when you've received a new issue.


Can I join a society if I am an e-Member?

e-Members can add as many society memberships as they wish, at whatever price the individual society offers. The e-Membership dues fee only applies to IEEE membership.


How is my IEEE society membership impacted if I choose the e-Membership option?

There will be no change to your society membership(s) by choosing the e-Membership option for IEEE membership.


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