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The Senior member application status report lists the names of applicants whose application was received, and the initials of their respective references who have submitted a reference form.

Note: Applications submitted after 29 July 2011, and submitted using the new online application, can log into their application to review the status of their application at any time.



Please note the following:

  • This list is posted by close of business every Friday; it is not automatically updated with the submission of an application, nomination, or reference form.
  • In order for an application to be reviewed at a Review Panel meeting, the application, resume, and required reference forms have to be submitted and received at the IEEE Operations Center at least ten days prior to an A&A Review Panel meeting date. This provides ample time for processing, assembly, and shipment of the application packages to the meeting location.
  • Newly elevated Senior members are generally published within two weeks after the meeting.
  • The status of applications, or nominations of members, submitted through the new online application can be checked at any time.  

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