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This award is comprised of ten regional paper contests to recognize technical, written, and verbal communication skills. These skills are key to successful careers. Contest winners are listed in November each year.



US$800 first place, US$500 second place, US$200 third place, and customized certificate. Funded by the IEEE Life Members' Committee.


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IEEE Student members are eligible.


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Basis for judging

Please request criteria from Regional student activities chairs (RSACs) or Regional student representatives (RSRs). Criteria may differ from Region to Region.


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Northeastern USA (Region 1)15 March (annually)
Eastern USA (Region 2)  1 April (annually)
Southeastern USA (Region 3)15 February (annually)
Central USA (Region 4)1 May (annually)
Southwestern USA (Region 5)15 March (annually)
Western USA (Region 6)15 February (annually)
Canada (Region 7)  1 June (annually)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa (Region 8)15 December (annually)
Latin America (Region 9)31 July (annually)
Asia, Pacific (Region 10)15 March (annually)

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