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The purpose of this award is to recognize, annually, in each Region of the IEEE, the Student member most responsible for an extraordinary accomplishment associated with Student Activities. The value of a Student member who shows a pattern of dedication and ongoing service to a Student Branch/Student Branch Chapter is certainly recognized. The award is designed to reward a particular event, program, or product of IEEE Student Activities. It is sponsored by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board.


Eligibility criteria

  1. Nominees must be Student members of IEEE at the time of the accomplishment.
  2. The incumbent Regional Student Representative (RSR) is ineligible.


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Nomination process

  1. The student most responsible for a worthy accomplishment may be nominated by a Branch Counselor, Section Chair, Section SAC, or other IEEE volunteers.
  2. The nominator(s) shall complete a nomination form via My Review Room.
  3. If you require additional information on this process, you may contact IEEE Student Services at


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1 February (annually)


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Evaluation criteria

  1. The nominations will be judged by a committee appointed by the Regional Director or his/her designee Regional Student Activities Chair (RSAC).
  2. This Regional Committee will be responsible for establishing guidelines for judging, while maintaining fairness, objectivity, and high standards.
  3. Student nominees will be judged primarily on the impact of their accomplishment on the quality of student activities within the Region and the IEEE as a whole.
  4. If no nominations of sufficient stature are made, no award will be given for that year.
  5. Only one Award per Region will be presented each year.



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  1. This Award consists of a customized award plaque, a digital certificate, and three years of complimentary membership in IEEE.
  2. The presentation of the Award will be arranged by the Regional Directors at an appropriate location.
  3. The results will be published institute-wide at the earliest opportunity.


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2014 recipients

Region 7
Adrian Kwok-Hang Wong - The University of British Columbia

Region 8
Josip Balen - University Osijek

Region 9
Ambika Jagmohansingh - University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus

Region 10
Esther Ling - Curtin Sarawak University


2013 recipients

Region 3
Sarah Betzig - University of Alabama IEEE Student Branch

Region 6
Chris Clark - Portland State University

Region 7
M. Vaezi -  McGill University

Region 8
Rui Miguel Costa - Instituto Superior Tecnico

Region 9
Paula Aparecida de Freitas Almeida - Universidade de Brasilia Student Branch

Region 10
Mr. Karthik Siddavaram (Hyderabad Section)


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2012 recipients

Noemi Cruz Suarez - Region 9
Harshul Srivastava - Region 7
Akshay Menon – Region 10
Piotr Graca – Region 8


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