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Message from James Riess and Laura Durrett

We are writing to finally wrap up IEEEXtreme 2006. My name is Jim Riess and I am a volunteer member serving as RAB Vice Chair of Student Activities and Chair of the Student Activities Committee.  I, like you, work closely with Laura Durrett, Manager of Student Services on staff in the Regional Activities Department at the IEEE Operations Center in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Many of you participated in the SAC sponsored IEEEXtreme 24 hour programming challenge held on 2 December 2006. We thank you for your enthusiasm and interest and most of all for your patience and cooperation while you waited for the final results. We are pleased to let you know that the results are finally available.

Congratulations to team 1 at the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain for winning first place in IEEEXtreme 2006! Team 1 from this university scored the highest on the computer programming and the extra point challenges for an extreme total of 829 points.

Our added congratulations to the top ten teams listed below. These outstanding teams are listed by the total number of points they scored. The names of the members of the top ten teams are listed on a supplementary page.


Student BranchTeamRegionTotal Points
Universidad Politecnica de CatalunyaTeam 1R8829
SUNY Stony Brook UniversityTeam 1R1691
University of CyprusDMT Team 1R8674
Eindhoven UniversityTeam 1R8664
University of ZagrebFER2 Team 2R8617
Ecole Polytechnic of MontrealIEEE Poly Team 1R7601
University of California-BerkeleyBerkeley Coderz
Team 1
University of ZagrebFER1
Team 1
Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyBUET xC33d
Team 1
University of Cyprus56k
Team 3


The 2006 program got off to a great start with publicity in IEEE Potentials magazine about the contest. By two days before the competition, 47 teams of IEEE student members or graduate student members signed up for the program – a really good showing for the first year. With the proctors who volunteered their time, we had over 150 participants for the challenge. During the 24 hours, there were 12 problems for the teams to solve. The problems were included in a booklet that was distributed to all the proctors at the start of the competition. A few sample problems are provided. There were “extra credit” problems sent every 8 hours to keep interest high. The organization team members included Ricardo Varela, Marko Delimar, Elizabeth Johnston, Laura Durrett and Christine Eldridge. They were all online and were able to field all questions online during the 24 hour of the competition. When the contest ended at GMT 24, all participants logged off sleepily.

During the competition there was so much positive energy from the competitors. Participants were ready to go and the event itself was a huge success. However, with any new program, there are always going to be unforeseen issues encountered. Although the competition itself ran smoothly, the evaluation and judging processes turned out to be slower than anticipated. The required worldwide involvement of volunteers for the organizing committee and the judging committee only complicated the process. Time constraints of these volunteers including our fantastic organizing committee and our prestigious judges added to the delay. And the desire to assure that the results are as correct and accurate as possible extended the evaluation time.

We do apologize for the delay in sending you these final results.   We will be working on automation of the processes for IEEEXtreme 2007. We will streamline and improve the evaluation and judging processes and make improvements in judging the results.

If your team did not place in the top ten and you would like to receive your score, please send an email to and we will send you the information. If you would like to send feedback, please use the same email address.

We are forming the 2007 IEEEXtreme team and we look forward to your participation this year.  Check the xtreme section for updates.



Jim and Laura


James N. Riess, RAB Vice Chair-Student Activities
Laura J. Durrett, Manager-IEEE Student Services



YP - Mouser

Mouser Electronics is a proud sponsor of the IEEE Student Activities Awards Program.