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IEEE Student Branches are established at universities and colleges around the world. Within IEEE, activities are organized geographically by Region and local Section. This page includes links to PDF files which list IEEE Student Branches by Region (and Section within each file).

If you do not see your Branch listed, or the information is incorrect, please update your officers online.


006699 color chipRegion 1 (Northeastern U.S.) (PDF, 35 KB)

006699 color chipRegion 6 (Western U.S.)
(PDF, 37 KB)

006699 color chipRegion 2 (Eastern U.S.)
(PDF, 35 KB)

FFCC33 color chipRegion 7 (Canada)
(PDF, 26 KB)

006699 color chipRegion 3 (Southern U.S.)
(PDF, 42 KB)

E37222 color chipRegion 8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)
       (PDF, 131 KB)

006699 color chipRegion 4 (Central U.S.)
(PDF, 31 KB)

008542 color chipRegion 9 (Latin America)
(PDF, 127 KB)

006699 color chipRegion 5 (Southwestern U.S.) (PDF, 38 KB)

6B1F73 color chipRegion 10 (Asia and Pacific) (PDF, 297 KB)



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