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The 2013 IEEE Presidents' Change the World Competition is a contest designed to recognize students who identify a real-world problem, apply engineering, science, computing, and leadership skills to solve it, and, thereby, benefit humanity or their community.



The 2013 IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition is open to individual IEEE Student members or teams of college- and university-level students who have elected an IEEE Student member as the team lead. 

All participants must be at least 18 years of age. 

Participants may compete as an individual or as a team. Individuals or team members must be IEEE Student members at the time their entry is submitted. IEEE member number is required in the project submittal process.

  • Individuals: Individuals who compete must be active IEEE Student members.
  • Teams: Teams must include an IEEE Student member in a lead role but may include non-members. 

Team members do not need to be from the same country or region.

The students must play the primary role in the problem solving; however, they may receive technical and financial assistance from others.

Please note: The intent and spirit of the competition is for the students, not others, to solve a problem. People acting as team mentors or in a mentorship role must limit the level of support provided to general guidance and must not contribute in any other form that might be considered original authorship, or in any way that may enable claims of rights or ownership to the submitted entries. In no case will work on behalf of teams or individuals be allowed. 


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