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IEEEXtreme 4.0 was held on 23 October 2010.  An amazing 970 teams registered for this exciting event.  Teams from universities in 50 countries and the ten Regions of IEEE participated.  

Our congratulations to all the teams who made this a record-breaking event. 


Top competitors

Rank Team
Student Branch Country Region Score Problems Solved
1 SurpriseTeam Belarusian State University  Belarus




2 TluraQuefrency University of Auckland  New Zealand 10 170:36:02 17
3 SegaMegaDrive Tartu University  Estonia 8 171:47:45 17

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Region winners

Reg. Team
Student Branch Country Score Problems Solved Rank
1 LookMaWatchMeCode Tufts University United States 147:34:57 13 69
2 IEEEDelaware University of Delaware United States 169:25:52 11 117
3 GitWizards University of Florida United States 168:39:24 16 14
4 TeamB Milwaukee School Of Engineering United States 151:03:01 14 47
5 DotHackSlashers LeTourneau University United States 159:43:13 15 26
6 TBD University of Washington United States 125:19:57 14 34
7 Hypercubes Memorial University Of Newfoundland Canada 125:26:39 14 35
8 mkFEIT1 Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Republic of Macedonia 172:46:16 17 4
9 ITBA Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires Argentina 138:40:07 14 41
10  PKU Peking University  China 173:13:36 17 5



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2010 Top 25 teams

RankTeam Student BranchCountry Reg.ScoreProblems Solved
 1SurpriseTeamBelarusian State University Belarus8157:31:3417
 2TluraQuefrencyUniversity of AucklandNew Zealand10170:36:0217
 3SegaMegaDriveTartu UniversityEstonia8171:47:4517
 4mkFEIT1Cyril and Methodius University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologiesRepublic of Macedonia8172:46:1617
 5PKUPeking UniversityChina10173:13:3617
 6Nintendo64Tartu UniversityEstonia8174:27:0917
 7SleeplessWhisperChulalongkorn UnivThailand10184:12:2817
 8LabanAmerican University Of BeirutLebanon8186:33:3517
 9LihtsaltIlusadTartu UniversityEstonia8187:26:4917
 10FyysikudTartu UniversityEstonia8244:10:3517
 11BetaUniversity of MoratuwaSri Lanka10148:03:4216
 12PerfectCherryBlossomTokyo Instute of TechnologyJapan10152:04:1616
 14GitWizardsUniversity of FloridaUnited States3168:39:2416
 15Placeholder1University of AucklandNew Zealand10178:09:5916
 16UnivofMiami3University of MiamiUnited States3180:20:3616
 17MTBOXSun Yat-sen UniversityChina10197:15:5516
 18AlgoJobsNational Technical University of AthensGreece8215:56:1016
 19USDBelarusian State UniversityBelarus8129:32:5415
 20tushabasaBilkent UniversityTurkey8130:51:5615
 21CUTEPChulalongkorn UniversityThailand10134:52:3615
 22UlgTeam1University of LiègeBelgium8143:58:4015
 23UlgTeam2University of LiègeBelgium8146:26:5015
 24ETFSarajevoDragonsUniversity of SarajevoBosnia and Herzegovina8151:23:4615
 25UniKluExceptionKlagenfurt University Austria8152:30:4315



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