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IEEE Student Membership Dues

Undergraduate or graduate students taking at least 50% of a normal full-time program/course of study in IEEE designated fields are eligible for Student membership in IEEE.

Students can continue to add value to their IEEE membership by joining IEEE and any of the 38 technical societies at continued low rates.

Student membership dues in effect are:


Students in the United States - Regions 1-6 in IEEE, includes IEEE Spectrum magazine and IEEE Potentials magazine (online and print).

US$33.60(GST), 36.16(HST)

Students in Canada - Region 7, includes IEEE Spectrum magazine and IEEE Potentials magazine (online and print) and GST tax.


Students in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Pacific - Region 10, includes IEEE Spectrum magazine (online and print) and IEEE Potentials magazine (online) with an option to subscribe to the print version for US $5.00.


Each year, supplies of brochures highlighting member benefits are sent to all Student Branch Counselors for use during membership drives for the key months of September through December of each year. The number of brochures sent to each Branch is based on the current number of members.  Students are required to join IEEE online and in the check out or payment section, they can either choose option 1) join IEEE with a credit card in a secure environment or option 2) Print and mail with payment and other forms of payment via check, demand draft, or money order are acceptable. 


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Join and Renew Student Membership Online

Students are required to join IEEE and renew membership online. Paper application and renewal forms for students are no longer produced.

Benefits of Joining/Renewing Online

  • Students self-certify that they qualify for IEEE student membership by completing the attestation questions.
  • Instant access to online services with an IEEE Account and joining IEEE online with a credit card.
  • Join IEEE online and pay by check or other methods.

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Leadership Training Resources

Student Branch leadership resources and materials are available.  Included are training workbooks, with a presentation and overview; membership development guides, Student Branch edition; a Student Branch Counselor guide which was sent in February to all faculty counselors on record.

The materials are helpful for all branch leaders and especially those just becoming familiar with the organization. By becoming more actively involved with the branch activities, improve communication, interpersonal, project management and team building skills. These are all very helpful when interviewing for positions and working with administration, faculty and local IEEE volunteers in presenting your project ideas and plans for your Student Branch.  Make this the best year for your Student Branch.


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How to use the IEEE Master Brand

An updated version of the IEEE Identity Standards document is now available online. The document explains the correct usage of the IEEE name, Master Brand and other organizational symbols in all official materials, communications and promotional materials produced by the IEEE, both print and electronic.

The rules for use of the IEEE Master Brand have not changed, however, language has been clarified to address frequent questions, the most common usage errors and correct usage on Web sites. Additionally, visual examples regarding use of the Master Brand with the name of an IEEE event or unit have been added.


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Obtain Membership lists using SAMIEEE

Once they are reported to IEEE, Student Branch Counselors and Chairs automatically have access to SAMIEEE, Section/Society Access to Membership Information.

SAMIEEE is a Web enabled query tool that allows ad-hoc querying, reporting and downloading of IEEE's membership data. Student Branch Counselors and Student Branch Chairs can generate a list of the current Student Branch members.

To access SAMIEEE, use your IEEE Account username and password.  The Branch membership list can be used to check the new students who joined IEEE or to contact current members and remind them of member benefits, send them information about activities or verify attendance at an activity or event. The SAMIEEE data is updated twice a week.

Only the officers reported to IEEE Student Services and updated in the database will have access to this tool.   For details, please send questions to



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Regional Student Activities Volunteer Contacts

All Student Branches have valuable resources available to them through the local IEEE Section and the IEEE Region.


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