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Review this page to learn more about how to plan successful events for your Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group, how to recruit new volunteers, and how to complete the required reporting.  No WIE Affinity Group in your area? This page also includes information on how to start a new WIE Affinity Group and the benefits associated.


Benefits of forming a WIE Affinity Group


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How to form a WIE Affinity Group

Forming an affinity group is the best way to interact and share information with others with similar interests in your local area. There are two types of affinity group formations:

  • Section Affinity Group for members
  • Student Branch Affinity Group

To form an Affinity Group:

  • recruit six IEEE members willing to be part of the founding affinity group;
  • select someone to be responsible for the affinity group until the first meeting is held and the Officers are formally appointed;
  • obtain your Section or Student Branch's Executive Committee's approval (an Affinity Group depends administratively and financially on the Section); 

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Affinity Group required reporting

Affinity Groups are required to submit meeting, financial, and officer reports to IEEE MGA. Further information and report forms are available through IEEE Member and Geographic Activities.

Student Branch Affinity Groups should follow the reporting procedures required by their Student Branch Chapter.


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Planning successful meetings and events

Meetings are one of the most visible and valuable ways for an affinity group to serve its members. 


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Recruiting volunteers for a WIE Affinity Group

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) has a volunteer recruitment tool kit available. It has been developed to provide IEEE Units (Regions, Sections, Societies, Chapters, or Affinity Groups) with ideas for recruiting local IEEE members who may be interested in volunteering their time to help lead IEEE activities.


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General volunteer resources


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