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Are you a Women in Engineering (WIE) member or a part of an affinity group? WIE aims to highlight modern-day engineering role models as well as help establish IEEE WIE’s presence as experts in the best practices for promoting women in engineering. WIE is looking for videos that will highlight engineers doing their “work” and provide statements to enhance the public’s understanding of the contributions of women technical professionals. In addition, WIE would like to capture video footage of IEEE Women in Engineering affinity groups and Student Branch affinity groups conducting activities.


Video guidelines for individuals

Video delivery specifications for individual profiles:

  • 16x9 aspect ratio, H.264 codec, 720p or 1080p resolution. iPhone and Android-based phones are perfect for this.
  • Frame your shot as a centered head and shoulders (not too close, not too wide) at eye level, as in the example to the right.
  • On-camera components: For individual profiles, please introduce yourself and clearly state and spell name, job title, company affiliation, and IEEE affiliations.

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Answer a few questions in the video

  • Share a story about being an engineer (optional).
  • Why did you choose engineering as your profession?
  • What was the hardest part about getting your engineering education?
  • What can you tell others about your inspiration/mentors?
  • How does your technical field benefit humanity?
  • Why did you join IEEE Women in Engineering?


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Video delivery specifications

Video delivery specifications for WIE affinity group event coverage:

  • For any specific activity within the event, make sure you capture the building blocks.
  • Select an interviewee and ask them to sit down and explain the activity to you in short sentences or answers to short questions.
  • Use the information from the interview to plan your other shots.
  • Do not take the camera on a walking tour through the event; instead, capture your footage in separate shots that can be edited to tell the story.
  • Each shot should last at least 10 seconds (count slowly in your head).
  • Shoot wide shots of the scene to set the context.
  • Shoot close shots of activity to draw the viewer in.
  • Do not use a zoom.
  • If you want closer shots, move yourself and the camera closer.
  • If you want wide shots, move yourself further away.

For WIE affinity group and WIE Student Branch affinity group submissions:

  • Please clearly state the name of the IEEE Women in Engineering affinity group or IEEE Women in Engineering Student Branch affinity group.
  • Include region and country.
  • Provide the name of the event/activity being submitted.
  • Provide an overview of the video you will be submitting.
  • Explain the activities your group conducts annually.
  • Explain the benefits of forming a WIE affinity group.
  • Explain if any of your events are STAR related.

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Suggested video topics

Some topics include:

  • classroom activities;
  • humanitarian projects;
  • competitions;
  • hands-on activities with pre-university community;
  • training of pre-university teachers;
  • mentoring;
  • public awareness;
  • activities;
  • field trips;
  • technical events;
  • networking events;
  • forums;
  • receptions;
  • panels.



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Submission information

Please send any and all photos, video, etc., that will help illustrate your profile.

When submitting videos that are five minutes or shorter, please upload to

For video submissions longer than five minutes, please contact IEEEtv’s Steve Esker at to arrange the best delivery method.

Finally, when submitting videos, please add the following information to the subject line: "IEEE Women in Engineering Video" and include your name or affinity group name.

For example:
SUBJECT: IEEE Women in Engineering Video/Keyana Tennant
SUBJECT: IEEE Women in Engineering Video/WIE XXXXX Student Branch Affinity Group

Include any contact information in the body of the e-mail.

If you are an IEEE Women in Engineering member and are interested in participating, please send all questions and e-mail of interest to


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Contact us

Contact WIE Staff at: