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The IEEE Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) encourages development of local activities that are of educational and professional value to IEEE members and that increase the visibility of the WIE Affinity Group. To assist WIE Affinity Groups the WIEC has a limited amount of funding available to support such activities.

Newly established WIE Affinity Groups are eligible to request up to US $200 in start up funding. Established WIE Affinity Groups are eligible to request up to US$400 for special projects. Such requests must be submitted at least three months prior to the activity. The WIEC will review the request at their next scheduled meeting. The WIE Affinity Group will be advised if the request has been approved. The WIEC may consider funding beyond US$400 if a project is considered especially valuable to the WIE mission. 

To apply for initial funding, the following Funding Request Form must be submitted. 

Special funding requests must use the Special Funding request form.


Request Form

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First (Given) Name:
Last (Family) Name:
WIE Affinity Group:
WIE Volunteer Position:
Phone Number:
Title of Project:
Amount of Funding Requested:
Reason for funding request
Start up funding for newly established WIE Affinity Group: Yes No
(If yes, skip to Description of Project)
Special WIE Affinity Group project
If this request is for a Special Project has the proposal been submitted to other sources for funding? (For example, IEEE Section or local business.) YesNo
(If yes, please use the Special Funding request form).
Sources & Funding:
Total amount of the project:
Description of Project
Provide an Executive Summary of your project. (How it fills the mission of WIE, its benefits to WIE membership, the need for the project and objectives).
Describe how the program effectiveness will be evaluated.
What is the end date of the project when WIE can expect to receive a report?