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The notable IEEE WIE members below have a lot of good things to say about the value of membership: how it can help start a career, sharpen research, and expand your professional network in your field.


Dr. Pamela Bhatti

Pamela Bhatti profile pictureI integrate engineering and medicine.

Electrical Engineer, Bioengineer

Pamela developed a device for using electrical charge to activate nerves in the hearing system, as part of a cochlear implant. Advice to girls interested in technology: "Be a positive agent for change in the world. Make a difference!"


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Dr. Shouleh Nikzad

Shouleh Nikzad profile pictureI am a technical group leader.

Pioneer Electrical Engineer

Shouleh works on bringing technology ­invented for NASA into saving lives. Advice to girls interested in technology: "Follow what you love. Always, always, ask questions and don’t let anyone intimidate you."

Read more about Dr. Shouleh Nikzad on page 50


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Valencia M. Joyner

Valencia Joyner profile pictureI enjoy the challenge.

Electrical and Computer Science Engineer

Valencia enjoys thinking about what new technologies will transform our world and how she will contribute. Advice to girls interested in technology: "Identify problems that you are passionate about finding solutions to."

Read more about Valencia M. Joyner on page 48


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Mariana Fraga

Mariana Fraga profile pictureI work in aeronautics.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer

In her work as an engineer, Mariana investigates new materials, techniques, and products that can benefit humanity in several fields. Advice to girls interested in technology: "Be dynamic and studious!"

Read more about Mariana Fraga on page 43


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Nadia Cheng

Nadia Cheng profile pictureI print in 3-D.

Electrical and Computer Science Engineer

"I use 3-D-printed prototypes during my design process … A highlight for me was developing a robotic system that works with kids who have autism." Advice to girls interested in technology: "Love what you are doing!"

Read more about Nadia Cheng on page 90


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Elena Semouchkina

Elena Semouchkina profile pictureI think small.

Electrical Engineer

"I find new ways to enhance functionality and reduce the size of devices." Health care and homeland security will benefit from Elena's work. She's also perfecting a real "invisibility cloak." Advice to girls interested in technology: "Be confident!"

Read more about Elena Semouchkina on page 30


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